City Youth Policy: Cooperation Between Dubrovnik and Lepoglava

By 20 August 2017

Dubrovnik and Lepoglava become closer in their aims.

As DuList reports on the 20th of August, 2017, Lepoglava's deputy mayor, Hrvoje Kovač, stayed in Dubrovnik upon the invitation of the city's Administrative Department for Education, Sports, Social Welfare and Civil Society.

He participated in the ''Local Youth Program of the City of Dubrovnik - Youth and City Meeting 2017 - 2020'' and presented the experiences of the City of Lepoglava in the creation of strategic documents of local self-government units for youth and the method of creating and implementing a city youth policy.

The debate was attended by representatives of dozens of youth organisations, the Dubrovnik Development Agency and the City of Dubrovnik, and it was concluded that young people are not a problem but are a part of the solution.

''The City of Dubrovnik has started the process of developing a city youth program that should uniformise all that the city is doing for young people, as well as listening to their needs in order to find them in a strategy to bring everything together as well as work on what should be improved . All this with the use of public money, with the aim of giving young people a unique opportunity to be part of society because they are not a problem, they are a part of the solution. I am exceptionally pleased to be able to confirm these examples from Lepoglava," Kovac said.

The forum was organised with the aim of developing a local youth program that has been in the works for the last eight months, the program should be a strategic basis for implementing city policies for young people for the next three years.


Translated from DuList.hr