Controversial Bishop’s Sermon Does Not Disappoint

By 16 August 2017

Bishop of Sisak Košić is known for his political sermons.

Bishop of Sisak Vlado Košić is known for seldom missing an opportunity to comment on politics and other secular issues. Yesterday’s holiday of the Assumption of Mary was no exception. In his sermon, the Bishop spoke about 20th-century dictators, banks, economics, politicians, veterans and Auschwitz, reports Index.hr on August 16, 2017.

In the Marian shire in Gora near Petrinja, the Bishop held a mass in front of several thousand believers. In his sermon, Košić emphasised that Virgin Mary must be sad when she sees that Croatian families are afraid to give birth to children and they do not know how to feed them. He also pointed out that Mary was saddened to see so many families moving abroad.

Košić also criticised politicians, as usual. “I accuse all the politicians and people in influential positions, you are the culprits – you have killed them, you are guilty there are so many war veterans who have committed suicide, you have killed them, you are the culprits for their disappointment. The whole society is responsible, but mostly politicians and traitors of their homeland who have worked and are working against the interests of Croatia, for which veterans were willing to give their lives,” Košić said in the sermon.

He then returned to Mary's sadness. “Mary is sad when she sees corruption and clientelism which govern our society when she sees people in positions of influence which should take care of the common good, but only think about themselves and how to provide a better life for their people. Mary is sad to see our Croatian war veterans who have created, defended and liberated Croatia with their blood, and then they were discarded and are being badgered by the media and traitors, who are not worthy to wash their feet. In their disillusionment, they no longer know what country they fought for, and almost 3,000 of them have already committed suicide,” said the Bishop of Sisak, conveying Virgin Mary’s emotions.

Košić then turned to banks and the economy. “How many people has the devil tempted by offering them an easier way out, but actually leading them to ruin. This is like in the economy, when a bank or a pawnbroker offers large and quick profit; you should know that you will be deceived. Many fell as their victims, hoping they would quickly succeed, and then they experienced financial ruin.”

At the end of the sermon, the Bishop turned to his favourite historical topics. “St. Pope John Paul II said that the people of the 20th century experienced so much evil on earth that they can think there is no other hell than, for example, Auschwitz. True, this experience of evil has hit a significant number of people, and this happened to them due to other individuals who were obviously under the power of the evil. Would anyone sane ever be able to torture and kill other people if they were not misled by the devil? The renunciation of the devil must be realised in concrete terms as the renunciation of totalitarian ideologies and their leaders. Therefore, the question ‘do you renounce the Satan’ should, in Croatian circumstances, be translated as ‘do you renounce Marshal [Tito]?’ Yes, also the Führer and Duce and Generalissimos, but most of all – the Marshal! Although he is no longer here and he has not ruled us for more than 37 years, unfortunately, there are still many souls who are governed by this wrong god. To him, people sacrifice not only truth and justice but also other people,” the Bishop said. “Let us, therefore, escape from the dragon, let us renounce all devils,” concluded Košić.

Translated from Index.hr.