Croatian and Slovenian Activists in New Action Against Border Fence

By 10 January 2016

Slovenian activists on a therapeutic wire cutting mission on the Croatian border.

The Workers' Front again organized cutting of razor wire fence which the Slovenian government has stretched along the border between Slovenia and Croatia. The action was joined by Slovenian activists, as well as several news crews. The Workers' Front wanted to make this first joint Croatian-Slovenian wire cutting intervention as visible as possible, since they believe it is an act of protest against measures which they consider uncivilized, reports Novilist on January 10, 2016.

"If we were to consider normal to have a barbed wire fence at the border today, what would be normal tomorrow", asked an activist. After the Slovenes arrived and presented themselves as "wire busters", final agreements were made. The leader brought with him photographs of the border zone near Nedelišće. With pen in hand, he showed where everybody should stand, where the cars would be parked and how to behave in case the border police arrives. The journalists were once again asked not to publish the names of participants and photos of their faces. The reason was clear: the whole intervention was actually illegal. But, the Workers' Front and Slovenian activists have decided to follow the motto: "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty." About fifteen activists and a similar number of journalists entered the Roma border village of Parag at 1 pm, followed closely by the watchful eyes of curious locals. A guard remained at the entrance of the village, while another guard was posted next to a nearby border crossing.

All of the Slovenian activists came there from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. "This is our fourth intervention. The sound of pliers cutting the wire relieves me of stress. I would recommend it to all who feel stressed", said a young man dressed in black. On his head there was a GoPro camera attached. Clearly, the video will end up on the internet.

Slovenian activists also told the journalists about their actions in Ljubljana, where the wires were symbolically stretched in the city and a Christmas tree was made of barbed wire. The wire which has been stretched at the border was mostly obtained in Hungary, paid by the Slovenian taxpayers at the cost of nine euros per metre. According to Delo daily, so far more than 140 kilometres of the wire fence have been built. Slovenian activists claimed that their compatriots mostly declare themselves as supporters of the fence. "People in Ljubljana – they support it, but they have not seen the wire themselves, nor they think about what is being done. Almost all Slovenes who live next to the border are against it", said a Slovenian activist.

After the activists came to the wire, they started cutting it. The razor wire is very dangerous. It can catch clothes and make small cuts on the hands. When animals get stuck there, they are doomed. Activists helped each other to get out if someone got stuck in the razor blades.

Once the intervention was over, people stopped to pose for a photo with a flag of the Workers' Front. Activists whispered to each other, although it seemed unnecessary since the police was nowhere to be seen. The whole party returned to the village. Another intervention was over, but it is certain that it would not be the last one.