Zagreb v Toronto Pricing, the Real Reason PM Tim Oreskovic Moved to Croatia?

By 6 January 2016

As Prime Minister designate Tim Oreskovic settles into life in Zagreb, it seems life in Croatia will be a little easier on the pocket. 

As PM-designate Tim Oreskovic settles into life in Croatia and the formation of a government on January 6, 2016, the pace of life and the political pressures must be a different world to his former position running Teva Pharmaceuticals. 

There are plenty of other changes too from life in Canada to life in modern Zagreb - the cost of living being one. Cost comparison website Numbeo has produced a comprehensive cost comparison of essential items between Toronto and Zagreb, and the good news for PM-to-be Tim is that he is going to be saving a lot of money in his new home. 

Zagreb prices are cheaper in Toronto for groceries, restaurants, rent and consumer goods, according to Numbeo. Essential staples such as bread and a local beer are half the price in Croatia, and indeed the only food item which is more expensive in Croatia in a very comprehensive list is a kilo of bananas. 

Apartment rentals are a third of the price of Toronto, and there are big savings to be made on Internet connections, fitness clubs, mobile phone tarifs, taxi fares and cinema tickets. But it is not all good news for PM-to-be Tim. According to Numbeo, workers in Toronto have 221% more disposable income after tax than their Zagreb counterparts. 

Sadly not so for PM-to-be Tim, whose new salary will be in the range of 30,000 euro a year, we understand, a far cry from the six (or even seven) figure salary he was commanding in his previous position. 

See the complete cost comparison between Toronto and Zagreb here