Zdravko Mamic loses temper in court: ''Get lost! I don't need defending!''

Zdravko Mamic's infamous temper reared its ugly head today during his trial.

The trial of Zdravko Mamic, the ominous football boss and former director of Dinamo Zagreb continues in Osijek County Court. Also facing legal action are his brother Zoran Mamic, Damir Vrbanovic and Milan Pernar. The group are charged with damaging Dinamo Zagreb in the sum of approximately 116 million kunas, and the state for some 12.2 million kunas in unpaid taxes. 

USKOK has been the focal point recently, yesterday Luka Modric's sudden bout of amnesia came into question, putting the otherwise much-loved former Dinamo player under fire from even his most loyal fans. More about that can be read here, and if you'd like a lighter approach to Modric's situation, you can click here. Among other things, USKOK claims that it can prove Dejan Lovren's transfer contract from Dinamo Zagreb to Lyon in France was concluded in early 2010, with a deduction of 66 million kuna (just some loose change, then). It claims that Lovren was allegedly entitled to 50% of the transfer compensation, but that ended up in the pockets of the all-powerful Mamic brothers. Essentially, the same situation a now confused looking Luka Modric finds himself thoroughly embroiled in.

The Mamic brothers, and now Luka Modric (undoubtedly following some gentle persuasion) now deny such allegations.

Mamic, who is known for his volatile temperament and hot temper, flew into an absolute rage at the prosecutors question, and after being warned by the judge to calm down, the football administrator approached his own lawyer and let everyone know, as colourfully as ever, that the lawyer should ''get lost'' and that he ''doesn't require any defending!''

The trial continues.