Jihadist Flag Raised in Croat-Majority Village in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The flag was raised a few days ago in front of an abandoned house near the Catholic church in the centre of the largest Croatian community in Ljubače.

In the Croat-majority community of Ljubače near Tuzla, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a flag of the Caucasus Emirate terrorist movement was raised, which further increased tensions among the local Croat population, after an inscription of the ISIL terrorist group was recently written on a local school budiling, reports 24sata.hr on May 29, 2017.

The flag was raised in front of an abandoned private house near the Catholic church and in the centre of the largest Croat community in Ljubače. In the same place, a war flag of the Bosniak Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina was raised a few years ago, which also provoked protests from the local population, but the police said that the flag was not controversial.

The latest flag is the same flag used by the Caucasus Emirate terrorist group, which is advocating for the establishment of an Islamic state under the Sharia rule in the Caucasus region. The organisation has been placed on a list of terrorist organisations by the western countries.

The latest incident was reported to the local authorities, but also to the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the afternoon, the police removed the controversial flag.

Not far from the location, an ISIL terrorist organisation inscription was written on the gymnasium of a local school. It took quite some time for the authorities to remove the inscription.

The Caucasus Emirate is a militant Jihadist organisation active in southwestern Russia. Its intention is to expel the Russian presence from the North Caucasus and to establish an independent Islamic emirate in the region. Caucasus Emirate also refers to the state that the group seeks to create. It is partially a successor to the secessionist Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, and it was officially established on 7 October 2007 by former President of Ichkeria Dokka Umarov, who became its first emir.

In recent years, the group no longer has a visible presence in the North Caucasus region, as most of its members defected to the local Islamic State affiliate.