Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić Getting Ready for Parliamentary Elections

By 4 October 2015

Zagreb Mayor ready for the Croatian parliamentary elections.

A cross-party agreement on political cooperation was signed on Saturday by the leaders of Milan Bandić 365 – The Party of Labour and Solidarity, Democratic Union of Retirees, the Croatian Peasant Democratic Party, the Green Party – Ecological Alliance and the Democratic Party of Prigorje and Zagreb. The mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandić said that his party has already won and that the polls show they are already the third most popular party in Croatia, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on October 4, 2015.

The cross-party agreement was signed at the headquarters of the Bandić's political party in Zagreb. "We are presently the third most popular party in Croatia according to polls, and we have not even started, we have not even warmed up. Imagine what will happen when we roll up our sleeves", said Bandić.

Asked which political option he was closer to, SDP's Croatia Is Growing Coalition or HDZ's Patriotic Coalition, Bandić said the real question was which of them was closer to him. "I have results, I have references. Let others show me their references. Whoever wins two terms in office at a high level, I will congratulate them. No one has yet done that", he answered.

Bandić added that, after the president announces the date of the parliamentary elections, he will roll up his sleeves and will stop wearing ties. "It is irrelevant whether the elections will be held on November 8, 15 or 22", he said, adding that only with the sleeves rolled up can people pull the country out of the crisis.

He called for unity between the left and the right political options. Bandić announced that his entire electoral manifesto will be published in the next few days, but in general it can be described as – "European Zagreb for European Croatia". He said that, unlike the others who just promise everything, he will not promise the voters something which cannot be done.

The Zagreb mayor pointed out that his coalition includes Ljubo Jurčić, the man who created the policies of the government of the late prime minister Ivica Račan, adding that many things in Croatia would be different if Račan was still alive.

He expressed satisfaction with the signing of the cross-party agreement on political cooperation. "I am pleased that we have gathered everybody from Ilok to Pula and from Dubrovnik to Međimurje. I am happy, we have already won", said Bandić. He recalled that his party has already signed such agreements with several other smaller parties, and announced that other agreements are being prepared as well.