Sunday, 21 August 2022

Planet Brusnik: Funds for Development of Island of Volcanic Origin Approved

August the 21st, 2022 - Funds for the proper development of one of two Croatian islands of volcanic origin have now been approved. The Planet Brusnik project is likely to impress.

As Morski writes, Split-Dalmatia County approved the necessary financial resources for the Geopark Vis Archipelago, more precisely for the "Planet Brusnik" project, which should contribute to the promotion and preservation of the area's overall natural history and heritage through the creation of educational materials and a workshop on the traditional skill of dry-wall construction.

On top of all of the aforementioned, a very special tourist experience will be the sailing of workshop participants on a traditional Komi boat, as the park's management team announced.

The island of Brusnik is located about thirteen nautical miles away from the popular Komiza in the west-southwest direction. Although its area is only small, spanning a mere 0.049 square kilometres in total, Brusnik is highly specific because of its geological, natural, cultural and historical heritage. Back in 1951, it was first listed as protected as a geological monument of nature due to the magmatic origin of the rocks from which it was formed, which is a great rarity in the Adriatic Sea since the islands in these waters are mainly formed from carbonate rocks such as limestone and dolomite. The island of Brusnik and the island of Jabuka are the only Adriatic islands made from igneous rocks.

Brusnik is an island that "grows", and we can find conglomerates of pebbles all the way to the top of the island, which indicates a recent uplift of the island. Brusnik's pebbles and stones are entirely made up of grey deposits of diabase (a type of igneous rock) of various sizes that are overgrown with algae from the sea, which gives this unique place on the Adriatic an extraterrestrial colour of sorts.

In the middle of the island there is a gorge with a depression filled by the sea, which the local fishermen from nearby Komiza took advantage of and created basins with sea water out of handy larger pebbles for keeping hold of things they'd caught, including lobsters.

On Brusnik's large slope, you can see the remains of fishermen's houses built from large diabase pebbles using the dry-wall construction method which is both typical and traditional all over both mainland Dalmatia and on Dalmatian islands. Such miniature houses and shelters, once covered with pine branches from the nearby island of Sveca, served as places for salting bluefish in barrels and as shelter for fishermen from the harsh elements such as the beating sun and winds. There are several endemic species on the island, among which the most famous is the Brusnik black lizard.

The island of Brusnik otherwise belongs to the NATURA 2000 ecological network, and since back in 2019 it has been protected by the UNESCO label.

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Sunday, 21 August 2022

Lake in Zagreb's Bundek Park Dries Up Amid Long Period of Drought

August the 21st, 2022 - One of the lakes at the City of Zagreb's popular Bundek park has dried up during the longest and harshest period of drought the country (and much of Europe) has experienced in a decade.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the ongoing and long period of drought that has affected Croatia and the rest of Europe this summer has started to leave serious consequences on agricultural crops and other forms of greenery, and the pictures of dried up, baked sunflowers and corn from the fields of Slavonia and Baranja show that we're yet to feel the most serious consequences of this damage.

Fortunately, unlike some other European countries which quite remarkably includes the United Kingdom, famous for its rain and green land, Croatia doesn't yet have a problem with water supply, but due to low water levels in the rivers, restrictions on river traffic were introduced for safety reasons.

Croatian water levels are now at the lowest they've been over the last ten years, but the Sava River is still 40 centimetres higher (-298 cm) below the historic lowest levels in history (-338 cm) from back in 1993.

The small lake in Zagreb's popular Bundek park has almost completely dried up, and the last time such scenes were seen exactly ten years ago at the height of yet another long period of harsh drought, which lasted for as long as seventeen months.

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Saturday, 20 August 2022

24th Špancirfest Varaždin Kicks off Expecting 300 Thousand Visitors

August 20, 2022 - Another Špancirfest in Varaždin has kicked off. This year's is the festival's 24th edition, and the organisers are expecting three hundred thousand visitors.

As Poslovni reports, On Friday 19th August, the 24th Špancirfest began in Varaždin, which is one of the longest-running Croatian summer events. Over the space of ten days, it brings more than five hundred programs, concerts, street performances, plays, dance and other contents, reports HRT.


Photo: Matija Habljak (Pixsell)

The soul of Špancirfest, which will last until August 28, are the street performers who will come to Varaždin this year from all over Europe. The street performer list is made up of mobile performers, among whom there will be drummers, costumed performers, stilt walkers, etc.

The musical part of Špancirfest will offer its audience a diverse program on four main and several smaller stages on the streets and squares of the historic core of the city. An essential part of the Festival is the theater program at Villa Bedeković.

Director of the Varaždin Tourist Board, Jelena Toth, told Hina that more than 500 different programs will be held as part of Špancirfest in the next ten days on the outdoor stage of Varaždin's historic city center. The program is diverse and expects a large number of visitors. Toth reminded that last year the official number of visitors was 230 thousand, and in 2019, before the pandemic, it was 300 thousand.


Photo: Matija Habljak (Pixsell)

"We hope that this year we can approach the figure of 300 thousand again. Of course, a lot depends on the weather. We really did our best to organise Špancirfest, to equip the space, and to design quality content", said the director of the Varaždin Tourist Board, noting that the only thing that is not within their control is the weather.

All festival programs will be held outdoors, while tickets only need to be booked for the programs at Villa Bedeković.

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Saturday, 20 August 2022

European Shot Put Champion Mihaljević Gets Back Gold Medal

ZAGREB, 20 August, 2022 - Croatia's best shot putter Filip Mihaljevic has his European Championship gold medal back after reporting it missing following his return home from Germany, the German dpa news agency reported on Saturday.

Airport police in Munich were quoted by the dpa as saying on Saturday that "an employee of German carrier Lufthansa had found the medal and that it has been returned to Mihaljević".

"Mihaljević flew home on Wednesday and, upon his arrival there, noticed he no longer had the medal. He reported the loss and said he last had it at the airport, which led to a police search there and review of CCTV footage."

"Police did not say where the medal was eventually found, and it was also unclear whether he had lost it or whether it was stolen," the dpa said.

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Croatia's Coronavirus Update: 1,306 New Cases, Seven Deaths

ZAGREB, 20 August, 2022 - In the last 24 hours, Croatia has conducted 3,735 coronavirus tests, and 35% of them, that is 1,306, have turned out to be positive, the national COVID-19 crisis management team reported on Saturday.

There are currently 6,907 active cases, and of them, 571 are hospitalised including 24 patients placed on ventilators.

In the last 24 hours, seven patients have succumbed to COVID-19, and Croatia's COVID-related death toll now stands at 16,559.

Since the first registered case of this infectious disease in late February 2020 in the country, the health authorities have diagnosed 1,205, 948 cases while performing over 5.1 million tests.

So far,  2,317,041 persons have received at least a shot against this infectious disease, and nearly 69% of adults have fully been vaccinated.

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Looking for a Job in Croatia? This Week's Top 10 from (August 18, 2022)

August 19, 2022 - Looking for a job in Croatia? A new weekly feature on TCN, in partnership with leading job site agency,, who present a selection of weekly job listings.

How hard is it to find a job in Croatia, and what is on offer?

We spoke to Ines Bokan, director of leading jobs site, who kindly took the time for this excellent interview overview.  

Ines has kindly agreed to work with us on a new weekly feature on TCN - a weekly selection of 10 job listings, as chosen by  Details and links to the job opportunities below in the fifth week of this feature.



Workforce Ljudski Potencijali d.o.o. is hiring a Group Parts Analyst (m/f). If you are looking for dynamic work in a well-organized, positive and creative international environment, this is a great opportunity for you! Apply via this link by Sep 16th.

Next Step Career Network is looking for a National Recruiter (m/f) in Klagenfurt, Austria. They are offering a full-time job, competitive compensation, paid training, a great work environment with state-of-the-art technology, an incredible international team of co-workers, and comprehensive health and pension insurance. You can apply by Sep 17th via this link.

RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG sucht Exportleiter HR/RS/Sl (m/w/d) für Agrarersatzteile & Reifen - Korneuburg, Österreich. Die RWA-Gruppe bietet einen sicheren Arbeitsplatz in einem stabilen Unternehmen mit solidem Wachstumskurs.Unsere vielfältigen Geschäftsbereiche machen Ihren Job jeden Tag aufs Neue spannend. Bewerben Sie sich bis zum 09.09.2022. indem Sie auf diesen Link klicken.

AA Euro Croatia d.o.o. is looking for a qualified Mechanical Supervisor (m/f) for a pharmaceutical project in Croatia. They are offering a full time permanent contract, a competitive salary based on qualifications, a possibility to work on a rotation basis, and an opportunity to work with a skilled team of professionals. You can find out more by clicking this link, applications can be submitted until Sep 4th.

Gi Group Staffing Solutions are looking for a Sales Engineer (m/f) in Zagreb! Future colleagues will be granted a company car, laptop, mobile phone, and an opportunity for remote work. Apply by Sep 1st through this link.

Eumetsat – Europe’s meteorological satellite agency – is hiring an Information Security Engineer (m/f) in Darmstadt, Germany. They are offering a 7.500 € monthly salary, flexible working hours, full medical coverage, attractive pension, 30 days of annual leave and more! Apply via this link until Sep 10th.

Strabag BRVZ d.o.o. in Zagreb is looking for an Application Packing Engineer (m/f/d). See if you have what it takes by clicking this link and applying! Applications can be submitted until Sep 16th.

Manpower sucht einen Deutschsprachiger Kundenbetreuer (m/w) für Fernarbeit. Bewerben Sie sich bis zum 31.08.2022. indem Sie auf diesen Link klicken.

TBO.COM is hiring a Customer Service Specialist (m/f) in the Travel Industry across all of Croatia, with home-based remote work. If you have a working proficiency in English and Italian and are service-oriented, independent, and self-motivated, apply via this link by Aug 21st.

NEXT STEP career network is looking for a Sommelier (m/f) in Zürs am Arlberg in Austria. To the right candidate, they’re offering a transparent recruitment process, administrative and legal support, and travel support in planning your trip to Austria, if you’re from abroad. If you have what it takes, apply by Sep 4th via this link


For more career options and job listings, visit


These weekly job listings will appear in the weekly TCN newsletter - you can subscribe here.


What is it like to live in Croatia? An expat for 20 years, you can follow my series, 20 Ways Croatia Changed Me in 20 Years, starting at the beginning - Business and Dalmatia.

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Saturday, 20 August 2022

Mate Rimac Unveils Bugatti W16 Mistral: €5M, Already Sold Out!

August 2022 - Meet the Bugatti W16 Mistral, the first Bugatti conceived and developed under Bugatti Rimac - and already sold out!

I seem to be writing a lot about Mate Rimac these days... 

From being the first person to drive across the new Peljesac Bridge, which connected Croatia, with Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic the passenger in the elite RImac Nevera, to Formula  1 legend Nico Rosberg taking delivery of the first Nevera for over $2 million.  

Surely cars can't get more expensive than that? Well, apparently, they can...

Rimac acquired the prestigious Bugatti brand last year, and he posted on Facebook about the first fruits  of that new partnership from California  this morning:


Ladies and gentlemen, the Bugatti W16 Mistral. The first new Bugatti conceived and developed under Bugatti Rimac. A celebration of the glorious W16 - the last of its kind before we move to the next generation of hybrid Bugattis. 99 units will be built at 5 Million Euro each. We have shown the car only to existing Bugatti owners during the last weeks and they loved the car so much that it is already completely sold out. Bugatti is therefore again sold out (there is no new Bugatti that can be ordered today) - with all production slots being spoken for until the end of 2025. Congratulations to the whole team on this amazing achievement!


Quite extraordinary. And yet another milestone in this unbelievable journey. 

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What is it like to live in Croatia? An expat for 20 years, you can follow my series, 20 Ways Croatia Changed Me in 20 Years, starting at the beginning - Business and Dalmatia.

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Saturday, 20 August 2022

From Serbia to Liberland, Seaplanes Fly by Croatian Borders Again

August 20, 2022 - Liberland seaplanes, whatever next? As discussions on seaplanes returning to the Croatian Adriatic continue, meanwhile on the Danube...

It is 6 years since the Croatian seaplane operator, European Coastal Airlines, was grounded before filing for bankrupcy. Since then, there have been plenty of announcements and initiatives from interested parties about the return of the seaplane service connecting the Croatian coast and its islands. But so far, nothing concrete.

But a new seaplane service came VERY close to the Croatian border a few days ago, but some distance from the Adriatic - on the Danube. 

The self-proclaimed Free State of Liberland, an unclaimed pocket of 7km2 on the Croatian side of the Danube, was claimed by Czech citizen Vit Jedlicka back in 2015 under the claim of terra nullius. Croatia promptly arrested Jedlicka and interned him overnight and ever since has done all it can to prevent Jedlicka from realising his ambitions.Serbia, on the other hand,  has been a little more hospitable, and the Apatin region across the Danube is reaping some economic benefit as a result, including the construction of the Eco Village, ARK Resort

If you haven't come across the Liberland story before, it is truly nuts, and I highly recommend this video about the first anniversary conference in 2016 (including an appearance of me speaking Croatian). Or you can read my report on TCN - Liberland Conference: Reflections of a Weekend in Alice in LiberWonderLand.

Freedom for Liberland! from David Freid on Vimeo.

As for why there are Liberland seaplanes but not Croatian... 

More information in this translated report from the Tango Six portal:

The first ultra-light hydroplane in Serbia: the amphibious "Legend" as the beginning of a new segment of domestic ultra-light aviation

Last week, the first ulta-light amphibious hydroplane of Czech production, registered in Italy, landed in Serbia. After modification, i.e. installation of floats in the Italian city of Cremona, the ultralight "Legend" (an interesting aircraft that irresistibly resembles a Cessna 172) was delivered to a customer in Serbia. As owner Aleksandar Zubac tells the Tango Six portal, his idea is to further popularize this segment of ultra-light flying.

Milorad Matić, the owner of the Aero East airplane factory, helped Aleksandar (whose record-breaking flight with a Tango Six motor kite he wrote about earlier) in the acquisition of the aircraft and the overflight. Since the aircraft is still under Italian registration and that Matić, in addition to their license, also has authorization to fly this type of aircraft, it was a logical choice for, as he tells our portal, a very interesting first flight:

- We flew from Cremona to Portorož, from there to Belgrade and Zemun Polje. The plane spent the night and had its first water baptism at Lake Pavlovačka. Since there are currently no registered water airports in Serbia, we submitted a flight plan for landing at the "operational site", i.e. a privately owned lake, which was approved. After that, we flew to a specially constructed pontoon near Liberland on the same principle for the recent Floating Man Liberland Summer Festival. - says Matić. As he says, the Legend is an amphibious vehicle with retractable landing gear, and the plan is for the SILA planes to also get floats and to modify three of them starting next spring.

The owner of the aircraft Zubac tells us that after kites, ultra-light aircraft and helicopters, a hydroplane is a logical evolution for him, since he deals with water tourism, which he has combined with aviation:

- To begin with, until I complete retraining, the plane is re-registered, and other regulatory prerequisites are taken care of, it will be based at the May 13 airport near Zemun Polje. The plan is for the aircraft to be based in a complex on the Sava called "Progar Cabin House", with direct access to the river. A hall of one thousand square meters is currently being built there, where Legend will be based. The plane cannot be used for commercial purposes; it will be intended to popularize flying from the water. I am engaged in the construction of facilities mainly on the water, the production of catamarans, and it will be interesting to combine these two types of transport.

I am currently in discussions with Aero East for additional purchases of two forces with floats. - said Zubac for our portal.

Help for the whole endeavor was provided by two veterans of hydro aviation from Italy, Graciano Macolari and Oracio Frigino, who have decades of experience in this interesting segment of general and ultra-light aviation. As Matić says, they are crucial both for the process of retraining and support during modifications with floats, as well as for the transfer of experience from Italy and the European Union when it comes to water operations.

As far as hydroplanes in Serbia are concerned (outside the ultra-light category), there is currently only one aircraft on the YU registration. Cesna 206 YU-DNZ owned by Gas Aviation from Smederevska Palanka. We saw her recently at the air show in Prijedor.

Check out the Legend in action taking off from the water by Liberland - video courtesy of the President of Liberland, Vit Jedlicka.  


What is it like to live in Croatia? An expat for 20 years, you can follow my series, 20 Ways Croatia Changed Me in 20 Years, starting at the beginning - Business and Dalmatia.

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Saturday, 20 August 2022

Bjelovar Gets New €3.2m Stadium

ZAGREB, 19 August, 2022 - A new stadium, worth 24 million kuna (€ 3.2 million) has been finished in Bjelovar, the mayor of that city 80 kilometres east of Zagreb, Dario Hrebak, told a news conference on Friday.

Apart from this new stadium, also a stadium in the suburbs of Ždralovi is being renovated and upgraded.

The mayor thanked the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) for the support in the construction of the new stadium.

The first match on this pitch will be played on Saturday between the city's club and the NK Trnje from Zagreb.

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Croatia's Safe Place wins Heart of Sarajevo for Best Feature Film

ZAGREB, 20 August, 2022 - The film titled "Safe Place" by Croatian author Juraj Lerotić was declared the best feature film at the award-ceremony of the 28th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival on Saturday.

This year, the eight movies were screened in the competition programme of feature films.

The film is based on a true story about a family in which the mother and one of the sons are trying to help the other suicidal son.

"Safe Place" was produced by the Pipser company and made in cooperation with Slovenian production company December. It was financially supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), the Croatian HRT public broadcaster, and the Slovenian Film Centre.

Lerotić, who also plays the main role in that film, won the Heart of Sarajevo for the best actor.

The Heart of Sarajevo for the best actress went to Vicky Krieps for her role in the film "Corsage".

Ukrainian filmmaker Maryina Er Gorbach won the award for the best director for her film "Klondike".

Croatia's film "It's not Cold for Mosquitoes" by Josip Lukić and Klara Šovagović won the Heart of Sarajevo for the Best Student Film.

A total of 235 films were screened during the 12-19 August festival, and 51 of them were shown in competition categories. 

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