Sunday, 12 June 2022

Mate Pavić and Polish Hurkacz Win Doubles Tournament in Stuttgart

June 12, 2022 - Croatian tennis player Mate Pavić won the doubles tournament with his partner from Poland, Hubert Hurkacz, this week at the grass ATP tournament in Stuttgart.

Third seed Pavić and Hurkacz defeated first-placed German Tim Puetz and New Zealand's Michael Venus 7-6 (3), 7-6 (5) after an hour and a half, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

The man from Split and the Pole had 13 aces, ten more than their opponents, and it is interesting that they did not offer Puetz and Venus a single tie break. 

For Pavić, this is the 29th doubles tournament won, and Pavić and Hurkacz played together for the first time in Stuttgart and immediately reached a triumph on the grass.

Let us remind you that this year Pavić, paired with the Croatian Nikola Mektić, won two national ATP tournaments, in Rome and Geneva, while the two of them still played in the finals in Dubai and Belgrade.

On the ATP ranking, Nikola Mektić and Mate Pavić finished 2021 as the world's best doubles team. Only American Rajeev Ram and Briton Joe Salisbury threatened to catch Pavić and Mektić, though thanks to the outcome of the Paris Masters, the Croatian duo was unattainable. 

It was the third time Pavić finished the year as part of the world's best doubles team, and Nikola Mektić is the third partner with whom Pavić reached the top. Last year, Pavić and Brazilian partner Bruno Soares were named #1, and in 2018, he was the best in combination with Austrian partner Oliver Marach.

"I'm thrilled. True, this is my third time in the last four years with a third partner, but I achieved it for the first time with a Croatian, which is a great achievement for us personally, but also for Croatian tennis in general," said Mate Pavić in a statement from ATP Tour at that time.

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Kino Zona in Zadar Receives Great International Recognition from CICAE

June 12, 2022 - International recognition of the highest level from CICAE arrived at the fourth edition of the Zadar Kino Zona (Zadar cinema zone), which now joins Urania Kino in Osijek, Valli Kino in Pula, Art Kino in Rijeka, Zlatna Vrata in Split, Metropolis Kino and Samobor Kino.

At the annual assembly of the only international art cinema association CICAE, held in Cannes during the film festival of the same name, based on the quality and diversity of the film program and cultural significance, a decision was made to give Kino Zona in Zadar membership, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

Kino Zona joins Kino Urania in Osijek, Kino Valli in Pula, Art Kino in Rijeka, Zlatna Vrata in Split, Kino Metropolis, and Kino Samobor as the seventh Croatian cinema in the membership of this prestigious world organization. 

This membership for Kino Zona in Zadar enables international cooperation with cinemas and festivals around the world, attending seminars, professional training, networking with other members, connecting with distributors and participating in program exchange, selecting films shortly after the world premieres, presenting cinema activities at the Venice Film Festival in Berlin and Cannes as well as guest appearances at festivals in the role of expert lecturers and jury members.'', said the head of the Kino Zona, Andrej Fric.

CICAE (International Confederation of Art Cinemas) was founded in 1955 by the art cinema associations of Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland to promote cultural differences in cinemas and festivals, lay the foundations, and support the market aimed at producing quality national films considered "high-risk art forms''.

Recognized by the Council of Europe, CICAE chairs the International Council on Film, Television and Audiovisual Communications (IFTC) at UNESCO, is a member of Media Salles, the Coalition française pour la diversité culturelle, and co-operates with Europa Cinemas.

CICAE's responsibility is to network and create a link between cinemas and festivals. Today, CICAE brings together over 3,000 cinemas through national cinema networks, fifty individual independent cinemas in approximately thirty countries around the world, fifteen festivals (including Berlin, Cannes Locarno, Sarajevo, Venice, Annecy, and Hamburg), and a number of art film distributors.

The goals are to encourage art cinemas to come together under common auspices nationally and internationally, to receive support from state administrations, to encourage the distribution of quality films from all countries, in all countries, and to increase audiences and encourage production.

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Zagreb Classic: Heavenly Sounds Under Open Skies at BuzZg

June 12, 2022 - Summer is approaching, and the parks are calling for a season of outstanding outdoor concerts with this year's Zagreb Classic in the Croatian capital. 

Zagreb really is a city for all seasons, and I am looking forward to spending my first full summer here without the traditional summer stop on the coast.

In recent years, Zagreb has attracted the global tourism headlines for its hugely successful Advent in Zagreb event, which went from almost nothing to being voted the best Christmas market in Europe three years in a row (read more about this masterclass in tourism development in From Zero to European Champion: a History of Advent in Zagreb


(Photo credit: Sanjin Kastelan)

Summer, of course, has a completely different feel, and one that I am looking forward to exploring in more detail. The majesty of outdoors Zagreb really comes into play, as its green spaces, squares and streets are put to versatile use to bring the city to life. In recent years, Zagreb is slowly gaining a bigger and bigger reputation as a city of art, culture and music, and its fresh approach to maximising the city's offer makes the summer months an attractive alternative to those not looking for a beach holiday. As I wrote recently in Back to Normal: Summer in Zagreb, Concerts, Culture & Festivals, there is a LOT going on this summer in the city, with the end of this month holding one of the best events of all - Zagreb Classic. 

King Tomislav Square - just opposite the main train station - is the place to be for 7 days of outstanding local and international classical music, featuring internationally renowned violinists Anastasiya Petryshak and Francesco Manara, soprano Cristina Mosca, singer-songwriter Joyce Jonathan, Cameristi della Scala ensemble, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, Croatian National Theater ensemble, soloists and choir of the City Theater Komedija, Croatian Army Jazz Orchestra, conductors Marcello Rota, Paolo Spadaro Munitto and Davor Dropuljić, composer and musician Tonči Huljić as well as musician Hana Huljić Grašo, singer and actor Adalbert Turner Juci and others. 

Zagreb Classic made its debut on the Zagreb tourism calendar back in 2016, the same year Advent in Zagreb started attracting global attention and awards. In many ways, it is symbolic of what tourism in the capital is during the summer - a focus on relaxing in the many green and open places, while enjoying high-quality entertainment in the open air during balmy summer evenings. One of the things I am appreciating more about my new home as I wander the streets at this time of year is the sheer number of smaller events and concerts which are taking place, with music appearing almost a free staple product during an evening stroll. Zagreb Classic is the epitome of this. 

Zagreb Tourist Board CEO Martina Bienenfeld is looking forward to another high-quality festival:

"Ukrainian violin soloist Anastasiya Petryshak opens this year's Zagreb Classic accompanied by the Croatian National Theater Opera Orchestra in Zagreb. Over a period of 7 days, visitors will be able to enjoy carefully selected performances by domestic and international performers and the wonderful ambiance and atmosphere of King Tomislav Square. Zagreb Classic lasts until Wednesday, June 29, when the chamber orchestra Cameristi della Scala, consisting of musicians from the Teatro alla Scala orchestra from Milan, will perform. All programs during all 7 days are free of charge, so I invite everyone to come to Zagreb Classic and enjoy top-class classical music in the open air."

And what a programme it is:

Thursday, June 23, starting at 21:00

Soloist: Anastasiya Petryshak, violin (Ukraine); Orchestra of the Opera of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb conducted by Paolo Spadaro Munitto (Italy)


Rossini Ouverture from Barbiere di Siviglia

W. A. Mozart Symphony no. 29 in A major K201

W. A. Mozart Violin concerto no. 3 in G major K216

L. v. Beethoven Romance no. 2 op. 50 in F major

M. Skoryk Spanish dance from “The Stone Host” suite

Friday, June 24, 21:00

Alfi Kabiljo: “My Musicals #2” - Zagreb city theater Komedija conducted by Dinko Appelt


1. MEDLEY (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo EMPEROR FRANZ JOSEPH IN ZAGREB, 1989) orchestra
2. LET THE ACTORS COME (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: EMPEROR FRANZ JOSEPH IN ZAGREB, 1989) Renata Sabljak, Vanda Winter, choir
3. PREMIERE (M. Bulgakov – V. Kljaković – M. Grgić: RED ISLAND, 1981) Sandra Bagarić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Danijela Pintarić, Renata Sabljak, Vanda Winter, Ervin Baučić, Dražen Bratulić, Filip Hozjak, Đani Stipaničev, Adalbert Turner
4. WONDERFUL DAYS (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE BIG RACE, 1969) Danijela Pintarić, Ervin Baučić, choir
5. EVERYONE'S KISSING (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: SHAGGY LIFE, 1976) Filip Hozjak
6. A HOLIDAY IS A HOLIDAY (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE BUTTERFLY BOY, 1976.) Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Danijela Pintarić, Dražen Bratulić, Ervin Baučić, Adalbert Turner, Sandra Bagarić, Vanda Winter, Filip Hozjak, choir
7. LET LIFE BE NOT A DREAM (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE BUTTERFLY BOY, 1976) Renata Sabljak
8. LET'S HAVE A NICE TIME (M. Gavran – A. Kabiljo: THE THEFT OF MONA LISA) Đani Stipaničev, choir
9. A WOMAN'S FATE  (M. Gavran – A. Kabiljo: THE  THEFT OF MONA LISA) Danijela Pintarić
10. JOURNEYS (M. Maras –  A. Kabiljo MADAME HAMLET) Jasna Bilušić
11. NORMA JEAN (I. Krajač –  A. Kabiljo MARILYN MONROE) choir
12. TO A WOMAN (I. Krajač –  A. Kabiljo MARILYN MONROE) Vanda Winter, Danijela Pintarić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Đani Stipaničev, Sandra Bagarić, Jasna Bilušić, Renata Sabljak, Ervin Baučić, Dražen Bratulić, Filip Hozjak, Adalbert Turner, choir
13. CYCLAMENS (D. Britvić – A. Kabiljo: ONE SONG A DAY TAKES MISCHIEF AWAY, 1998) Dražen Bratulić, Sandra Bagarić
14. THE BEAUTIFUL ZAGREB (D. Britvić – A. Kabiljo: ONE SONG A DAY TAKES MISCHIEF AWAY, 1998) Adalbert Turner, choir
15. THE KING IS NAKED (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE KING IS NAKED, 1994) Danijela Pintarić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Dražen Bratulić, Adalbert Turner, choir
16. NOTHING BUT TRUE LOVE (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE KING IS NAKED, 1994) Ervin Baučić, Vanda Winter, choir
Choreography by Dejan Jakovljević according to Sonja Kastl and Lili Čaki
17. WHAT HAPPENS TO US TOMORROW (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: YALTA, YALTA, 1971) Renata Sabljak
18. YALTA, YALTA (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: YALTA, YALTA, 1971) Đani Stipaničev, choir
19. ONE SONG A DAY TAKES MISCHIEF AWAY (D. Britvić – A. Kabiljo: ONE SONG A DAY TAKES MISCHIEF AWAY, 1998) Sandra Bagarić, Jasna Bilušić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Danijela Pintarić, Renata Sabljak, Vanda Winter, Ervin Baučić, Dražen Bratulić, Filip Hozjak, Đani Stipaničev, Adalbert Turner, choir; Choreography by Dejan Jakovljević according to Lili Čaki
20. LET THIS WHOLE WORLD (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: YALTA, YALTA, 1971) Sandra Bagarić, Jasna Bilušić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Danijela Pintarić, Renata Sabljak, Vanda Winter, Ervin Baučić, Dražen Bratulić, Filip Hozjak, Đani Stipaničev, Adalbert Turner, choir

Photo credit: Ines Novković 

Friday, June 25, 21:00

Tonči Huljić: Mediterranean Pop Mass Ave Maria; Hana Huljić Grašo: Dies Irae


The piece is divided into three parts: part one is the concert mass itself with the acts: Kyrie Eleison, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus Benedictus, Agnus Dei. Part two consists of Dies Irae, and part three is entitled Ave Maria.

Saturday, June 26, 21:00

Joyce Jonathan, French singer-songwriter concert as part of France’s presidency of the European Union


20:30 Speech by French Embassy representatives
20:35 Multilingual competition of music spots
20:40 Award ceremony
21:00 Joyce Jonathan concert

Sunday, June 27, 21:00

Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone: “The Most Beautiful Film Music.” Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Marcello Rota (Italy); Soloist: Cristina Mosca, soprano (Italy)


Part 1 – Nino Rota: Romeo e Giulietta, suite The Godfather, suite Le notti di Cabiria, Overture, Canzone, Fox-trot, La strada, Gelsomina theme, Rumba

Part 2 – Ennio Morricone: The professional, Mission Suite’, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Giù la testa, Per qualche dollaro in più, C’era una volta in America, C’era una volta il West

Monday, June 28, 21:00

Adalbert Turner Juci & Croatian Army Jazz Orchestra conducted by Davor Dropuljić


Tribute to Sinatra
famous swing classics
American Patrol
In the Mood
Sweet Georgia Brown
popular songs by F. Sinatra (My Way, Strangers in the Night, NY NY)

Tuesday, June 29, 21:00

Cameristi della Scala perform Vivaldi and Piazzolla in “Eight Seasons”; Conductor and soloist: Francesco Manara (Italy)


Vivaldi - The Four Seasons (44 min)
Piazzolla - The Four Seasons (26 min)

Please note that all concerts are dependent on the weather and may be cancelled in case of rain. You can learn more about Zagreb Classic on the official page of the Zagreb Tourist Board website



Sunday, 12 June 2022

Hospital Directors Welcome Proposed Model of Payments to Hospitals

ZAGREB, 12 June 2022 - The measures proposed by Health Minister Vili Beroš to reform the health system have been welcomed by the heads of two Zagreb hospitals, who say that introducing a model of payment to hospitals based on efficiency would be a major change in the operation of hospitals, burdened by debts.

The announced reform measures, such as the establishment of excellence centres, hospital accreditation and payments based on efficiency would change the operation of hospitals which are given billions of kuna from the budget every year to settle their debts, the head of Zagreb's Sisters of Charity Hospital, Davor Vagić, said at a panel on the hospital system, held as part of the MedMed 2022 conference in Grožnjan on Saturday and organised by reporters covering the health system and health-related topics.

Croatia has 62 hospitals, including hospital centres, clinical and general hospitals and special and private hospitals.

Medical workers attending the panel were agreed that the number of hospitals should not be reduced but that they should be repurposed and accredited and excellence centres established, noting that changes should be made to the model of payment to hospitals.

Hospitals operate with a programmed loss and despite budget rescue aid in the amount of HRK 6.3 billion in 2021 and HRK 3.5 billion in 2022, their due debt currently amounts to HRK 2.5 billion, warned Dražen Jurković, director of the Association of Health Sector Employers.

Hospital directors attending the panel expressed support to the proposed changes to the model of payment to hospitals, their computerisation and monitoring treatment outcomes.

Vagić said that if the reform was launched by the end of the year, its results would be visible only after three years and that the situation could be better in five years' time.

The head of Zagreb's KB Dubrava hospital, Ivica Lukšić, said that each new health administration annulled decisions taken by the previous one, which was the reason why the reform, called for by almost every government, had never been implemented.

Lukšić said that with the existing limits, hospitals could not operate in the black, which was why better organisation and a single system of procurement were necessary.

A representative of the association of family doctors, Vikica Krolo, welcomed the proposed reform measures related to primary health care, such as the merging of community medical centres, which in the future should also offer specialist examinations.

Vagić noted that specialists working in hospitals would have to be motivated to work in community medical centres and that they could not be assigned to work there by decree.

He said that he would always advocate the right to work in the private sector for hospital doctors who regularly meet their obligations in the public sector but that he agreed with the minister's position that order should be made in that regard.

Commenting on announced changes restricting the work of public sector doctors in the private sector, Croatian Medical Chamber head Krešimir Luetić said that the chamber considered as satisfactory the existing rules, under which a public hospital doctor wishing to take on a second job in the private sector has to regularly and professionally perform their duties under their employment contract, continue their own professional development, respect work organisation and does not have a criminal, misdemeanor or disciplinary decision issued against them.

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Zagreb Police Checking Reports About Bombs in Shopping Malls

ZAGREB, 12 June 2022 - Zagreb police on Sunday morning received several reports about bombs having been planted in a number of shopping malls in the capital.

Police are on the ground, conducting activities to check the veracity of the reports and taking care of citizens' security, police said.

Bomb sweeps are being conducted at the City Center One East and Garden Mall in the neighbourhood of Dubrava and at the Family Mall in the neighbourhood of Jankomir.

The police said there was no need to panic.

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Number of Primary Health Care Doctors to Drop by 24% in Next 5 Years

ZAGREB, 12 June 2022 - The number of doctors in primary health care in Croatia will drop by 24% in the next five years, which will make work in the sector impossible, while the number of nurses will drop by an additional 25% due to retirement and lack of new staff, the medical and nursing chambers have said.

On the other hand, projections for the next five years show that the number of hospital doctors will increase by 23% considering data on those who will go into retirement in that period and the number of doctors entering the system.

Number of hospital doctors growing, number of primary health care doctors falling

As in other matters, the profession expects the imminent health system reform, announced by Minister Vili Beroš, to provide solutions.

A total of 15,668 doctors work currently in the public and private health sectors, and their number is 9.1% higher compared to 2017. Their average age is 51, and 63% are women.

Hospitals currently employ 9,170 doctors, their average age being 43. Of them, 995 are above the age of 60 and currently 127 pensioners work part-time in the system.

Among the hospital doctors are 6,276 specialists, whose number has increased by about 300 since 2017. Considering that 2,558 are residents, the Croatian Medical Chamber (HLK) estimates that the number of specialists in hospitals will grow by 23% in the next five years.

The situation is quite different in primary health care, where the number of doctors is expected to fall by 24% in the next five years considering the current number of only 236 residents.

The situation is particularly critical in family medicine, with only 131 doctors being trained for family doctors, including 122 who are already team leaders. The number of doctors in that area of medicine is estimated to fall by 27% in the next five years.

There are currently 2,213 family doctors and there is a shortage of 150 doctors in that branch of medicine; 733 of those 2,213 doctors are above 60 so if something is not done, the situation will be unbearable in five years' time, HLK head Krešimir Luetić said at the MedMed conference in Grožnjan.

One-third of 248 pediatricians, who are already in short supply, will retire in the next five years, and their number will drop by 13% while the number of gynecologists will fall by 10%, it was said.

A total of 1,021 doctors, aged 36 on average, have left Croatia so far even though the numbers have been stagnating in the last two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most of those who have left today work in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland and Austria. Another 839 doctors have sought documents required for employment abroad.

Croatia lacks a system of human resources management in the health system, Luetić says, noting that the HLK has been demanding for years a collective branch agreement for the profession, a law on wages and comprehensive reorganisation of specialist training. The shortage of physicians is also evidenced by three million hours of overtime work annually, he says.

Nurses in short supply

There is a shortage of more than 4,000 nurses, and in the next five years between 5,500 and 7,000 will meet retirement conditions, according to the Croatian Nursing Council.

A total of 38,500 nurses work currently in the health and social welfare system.

The Council calls for urgently increasing enrolment quotas for nurses by at least 50% and encouraging the employment of carers to help cope with a constant, 25% shortage of nurses, as well as for increasing their wages and securing benefits related to professions in short supply.

"In five years' time the number of nurses will drop by an additional 25%. The interest in the profession is great but enrolment quotas are too small and we have asked the Education Ministry to increase them," Council head Mario Gazdić said.

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Croatia Airlines, Trade Air Awarded PSO Contracts for Internal Croatia Flights

June 12, 2022 - The latest Public Service Obligation PSO contracts for internal flights in Croatia have been awarded once more to Croatia Airlines and Trade Air.

Although Croatia Airlines is the dominant airline on domestic routes in Croatia, one of the great discoveries of this year so far has been the service offered by another, lesser-known, Croatian airline - Trade Air. 

While Trade Air operates mostly outside of Croatia, it does operate some passenger services within Croatia, as part of Croatia's PSO programme, where flights are subsidised to connect various airports within Croatia. When I finally got to looking into what was on offer, I was very pleasantly surprised, as well as a little annoyed with myself that I had not discovered the service sooner. Flights from Zagreb to Osijek taking less than an hour for around 30 euro, only slightly more than the bus. And my favourite - Dubrovnik to Osijek, via Split and Rijeka, for 60 euro, but delivered safely in just 3 hours and 40 minutes, despite the big detour and two stops at other airports. You can read about the experience in Affordable, Useful, Stunning Daily Croatian Internal Flights, And It is Not Croatia Airlines.

The last round of PSO contracts expired a few weeks ago,and these very useful internal connections have been on hold until the new contracts were announced. As ExYuAviation reports, that has now happened, with Croatia Airlines and Trade AIr winning the contracts again, despite some speculation that some non-Croatian airlines might be awarded at least some of the contracts this time. The new contracts are set to run from July 4, 2022 to March 28, 2026. Although the exact routes operated by each airline are yet to be publicly defined, they are expected to be the same as last time, with the prime Zagreb to Dubrovnik route once more operated by Croatia Airlines. According to ExYuAviation:

"Under the previous deal, Croatia Airlines received roughly 11.4 million euros in annual compensation, while Trade Air approximately 2.5 million euros per year according to the European Commission. The routes which will be subject to the latest PSO funding are: Dubrovnik - Zagreb – Dubrovnik, Split - Zagreb - Split, Zagreb - Zadar - Pula - Zadar - Zagreb, Zagreb - Brač - Zagreb, Osijek - Dubrovnik - Osijek, Osijek - Split - Osijek, Osijek - Zagreb - Osijek, Rijeka - Split - Dubrovnik - Split - Rijeka, Osijek - Pula - Split - Pula - Osijek, Rijeka - Zadar - Rijeka and Osijek - Zadar - Osijek."

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Croatia Logs 204 New COVID-19 Cases, 3 Related Deaths

ZAGREB, 12 June 2022 - In the last 24 hours, 204 coronavirus cases, out of 1,654 tests, and three related deaths have been registered in Croatia, the national COVID-19 crisis management team said on Sunday.

There are 1,896 active cases, including 153 hospitalised patients, five of whom are on ventilators.

To date, Croatia has registered 1,139,816 coronavirus cases, the death toll is 16,019, and 69.70% of the adult population has been fully vaccinated.

Sunday, 12 June 2022

Could Croatian Bus Companies Introduce Smarter "German Model"?

June the 12th, 2022 - Could struggling Croatian bus companies, who have had very little help from the state and have been in troubled waters ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic at the start of 2020 introduce the so-called German model? It seems the will is there.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, ever since June the 1st this year, the German Government has been testing out a special model in which it has decided to stimulate public transport use and has offered a ticket of 9 euros per month for the use of both buses and trains. The reaction of the German people was rather unsurprisingly fantastic and the tickets quickly sold out.

Public transport is the only real alternative to travel during these times in which we've seen such drastically rising fuel prices, and the examples of Germany and even neighbouring Slovenia show how this can actually work excellently.

The German Government's idea for bus transport pricing through the aforementioned special model saw tickets sell out rapidly because for 27 euros, people can literally use these services as much as they want. If a bus ticket is bought in Hamburg, for example, it can be used without any problems in Berlin or any other German city, it can also be used on some of Germany's DB intercity trains.

"Public transport is the only alternative to travel for many people with such high fuel prices and this is being widely recognised by European countries. We hope that the example of Germany will show the way this should be handled to the Croatian Government and the relevant ministry in order to help people out, because this is the only real solution,'' said Hrvoje Mestrovic, president of the Coordination of Public Liner Carriers at the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP).

Croatian bus companies have, as has been mentioned, been dealing with an extremely unfavourable economic situation for a very long time now, with little to no attention having been paid by the state, in their opinion. Trying to balance business and preserve thousands of jobs continues to be a huge burden. Mestrovic pointed out that the state also has a clear benefit from introducing such a plan for Croatian bus companies because the money will be returned to the state treasury for a large amount of the tickets sold, which we have witnessed in both Slovenia and Germany.

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Future ACI Marina Rijeka to Transform Entire Kvarner Region

June the 12th, 2022 - The Kvarner of the Future conference was held in Rijeka recently, where the upcoming extremely modern marina, ACI Marina Rijeka, was discussed.

As Morski writes, a large conference was held at the Rijeka terminal where experts from the maritime industry, shipbuilding, digitalisation and other key people in Croatian tourism and maritime affairs gathered. They were led by representatives of the Lurssen Group and ACI, who presented projects whose implementation will change the face of Kvarner in the next few years.

One of the most important topics was the future ACI Marina Rijeka, which will be the largest investment in nautical tourism in the Republic of Croatia so far and which will create more than 130 new jobs within the functioning of the marina itself.

The first panel paid special attention to the digital age and the impact of the introduction of digital technologies in the maritime industry, as well as the impact of technologies that are being rapidly implemented, and need to be mapped, analysed and implemented in good time.

The second panel opened up some other important issues related to the use of hydrogen and the benefits of developing the potential of a hydrogen economy that is in line with the objectives of the European Hydrogen Strategy. The key topic was the establishment of the Northern Adriatic hydrogen valley by Croatia, Italy and Slovenia with the aim of developing the potential for the production and use of renewable hydrogen.

''The realisation of a cross-border hydrogen valley will represent a transition to an integrated energy ecosystem that will include the energy, industry and transport sectors. Cooperation on joint innovation projects will lead to the accelerated development of hydrogen technologies and the creation of value chains,'' said Stephen Taylor, coordinator of the Working Group of the Hydrogen Valley IT-HR-SLO and Deputy Director of Area Science Park in Trieste, Italy.

The Kvarner of the Future conference was concluded by the third panel, which focused on the future ACI Marina Rijeka. The president of the management board of ACI, Kristijan Pavic, and member of the management board for Investments, Marketing and Retail of ACI d.d., Josip Ostrogovic, both emphasised that the future ACI Marina Rijeka will set new standards in the entire region when it comes to building nautical tourism ports. One of the key development potentials in this regard is certainly the development of new technologies.

The future ACI Marina Rijeka will be a green and fully digitalised marina and a centre for the development of new technologies that will be applied in the future in nautical tourism, both on board vessels and in the marinas themselves.

Provided that everything goes according to plan and without any unforeseen circumstances cropping up, the start of construction work could be in the middle of next year. The sea part of the marina could be opened in 2024, and the entire marina in 2026.

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