Photo of the Day by Romulic and Stojcic

Seen By Just 1000 People A Year: Dragon's Cave, One of the Wonders of Croatia

Brac is the island of stone, whose quarries have serviced historic buildings from Diocletian's Palace in Split to The White House in Washington, but some of its greatest treasures are lesser known...

Consider the unique Dragon's Cave, for example, an astonishing collection of stone carvings high above the sea on the south side of the island, overlooking Hvar - carvings which have yet to be fully and sataisfactorily explained.

Only one man - Zoran Kojdic - has the key both to the cave and its rich tales of heritage and mystery, a fascinating man who guards one of the wonders of Croatia. Wonders which are only visited by about 1000 people a year. Learn more about Dragon's Cave here