Hiking in the Dalmatian Mountains - breathtaking!!

By 9 May 2015

We were just enjoying this very warm spring afternoon on our terrace today, when the sound of a thunder announced a storm coming our way. The sky over Biokovo went dark blue and rain was in the air. While it was still sunny in Jelsa, I could not take my eyes of the mountains as the storm approached. As usual, the storm did not reach Hvar and only few drops fell in the evening - very welcome refreshment after such a warm day. But it got me thinking about Biokovo and the mountains. I was wondering what the view was like from such a great position. For sure, it must be magnificent and we talked about going for a hike one day with my daughter.

And then, what a coincidence, these beautiful pictures appeared today on the Dalmatia Explorer Facebook page and they are stunning. These are from Brač island, you can see the Pustinja Blaca and Zlatni Rat with Hvar island in the background, but Dalmatia Explorer are offering several Jeep Safaries and hiking trips in Inland Dalmatia, Split surroundings and others, so there is more to choose from. Check them out on their website

May is such a great month to visit Dalmatia. With plenty of sun, but still not too hot to enjoy the nature, it is a perfect combination for hiking and those views are just amazing.

Now, I really want to go hiking, but will have to wait for my daughter to be little bigger, so we both can enjoy it. What about you? Feel like hiking in Dalmatia?