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Diaspora Ties Strengthen as Croatian Culture Week Proclaimed in Los Angeles

May the 24th, 2023 - On Friday, May the 19th, 2023, the Los Angeles City Council and Los Angeles County declared the first Croatian Culture Week in Los Angeles, in anticipation of the Croatian Statehood Day on May the 30th.

During this week, a series of events will be held, including the Croatian Heritage Night at the LAFC hosted by the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). LAFC will host Croatian Heritage Night when they take on the San Jose Earthquakes at BMO Stadium on Saturday night. Following the match, there will also be a special meet-and-greet session with two notable figures associated with Croatia: LAFAC forward Stipe Biuk, who moved to the club from Hajduk Split, and assistant coach Ante Razov, a first-generation Croatian-American.

LA Croatian Culture Week 8

History Lecture by Fulbright Scholar Dr. Tomislav Matic titled “Four Centuries of Croats in America - Explorers, Adventurers and Visionaries” will be held on Wednesday. One of the key events during the week is the Croatian Wine Tasting & Dinner including music by Roko Blažević, who represented Croatia at the Eurovision song contest, scheduled for Thursday evening. There will be also Croatian Karaoke on Friday, as well as the first annual Southern California Croatian Bocce Tournament and Kids’ Soccer Games on Saturday.

LA Croatian Culture Week 11

LA Croatian Culture Week 2

LA Croatian Culture Week 12

At the official announcement of the Croatian Cultural Week in the Los Angeles City Council, City Councilman Tim McOsker presented the Proclamation of the Croatian Cultural Week to the Consul General of Croatia in Los Angeles, Renee Pea. This event was attended by members of the Croatian community of Los Angeles, presidents of Croatian associations and societies, as well as don Ivan Jordan, pastor of the Croatian parish of St. Ante in Los Angeles and don Ivan Gerovac, priest in the church of St. Mary of the Sea in San Pedro, and members of the Organizing Committee of the Croatian Cultural Week, including Jack Barić, the Committee's chairman.

In his speech, Councilor McOsker emphasized the importance of the Croatian community in Los Angeles, especially in its suburb of San Pedro, where they had a great influence on the development of the port and the fishing and processing industry, noting: "Croatian culture is deeply rooted in the history of the port area of Los Angeles. Although we gather every four years to celebrate and cheer on their amazing soccer team during the World Cup, it is the weekly and monthly gatherings that make their impact so strong in our community. San Pedro is home to one of the largest populations of Croatian immigrants in the United States with 35,000 residents." In her speech, the Consul General emphasized the role played by our Croatian community in Los Angeles, which is successful and well integrated, but they still cherish and preserve the Croatian language and culture, customs and traditions, for which she thanked them. She pointed out that June 9, 2023 will be the 30th anniversary since Los Angeles became Split's Sister City. After the speeches, a Croatian singer artist Rebecca Posavec sang two Croatian songs.

On the same day, at a Fish luncheon at the Dalmatian Club in San Pedro, Janice Hahn, Chair of the LA County Board of Supervisors, which represents 10 million people, presented Consul General Pea with the Los Angeles County Commendation declaring Croatian Cultural Week, saying: "I am proud to represent one of the largest Croatian-American communities in the country. Croatian immigrants helped shape San Pedro as we know and love it today". A charter was also presented to the Consul General by Steven Bradford, Senator of the State of California 35 District, as well as Mike Gipson, Assemblyman of California’s 65 District.

This week will culminate on Sunday, May 28, with the Croatian Independence Street Party in San Pedro, which will take place at 22nd Street Park, located at 140 W. 22nd St. starting at 11:30 a.m. There will be an energetic atmosphere filled with music, dance, and an array of Croatian cultural performances.

LA Croatian Culture Week 6

LA Croatian Culture Week 10

LA Croatian Culture Week 9

Photos credit: LA Vatreni


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ZAGART, a New Quarterly Cultural Magazine for Zagreb

May 24, 2023 – With technology taking tourism in one direction, a refreshing addition to the Zagreb cultural scene – meet the new quarterly ZAGART magazine.

Not a day goes by without the arrival of some new technology and innovation in tourism, as with every other aspect of life these days. With less people reading and more addicted to their phones and apps, it seems that aspects of the life we knew are slowly eroding.


And while Zagreb is a very modern city embracing new ways, one of the things I love about living here is its celebration of tradition, culture and art, things which are becoming more prominent as the Croatian capital establishes itself as a fascinating and diverse tourist destination in its own right.

It is a city which once was not known for tourism, but today very much is. The stunning success of Advent in Zagreb, which went from nothing to European champion three years in a row is a case in point, but there is another aspect of Zagreb tourism which is becoming increasingly visible in recent years – art and culture.


I can't recall living in a place which had so many vibrant events in every nook and cranny of the city. Street festivals, concerts in squares, courtyards and parks – the whole city seems like a stage. Or multiple stages, and the chance to bump into a cultural gathering around the corner is commonplace in Zagreb these days.

Art, graffiti, cinema, street performers – it is all happening, and Zagreb has definitely developed a vibe of urban cool. Festivals such as Zagreb Festival of Lights, Zagreb Classic, Ilica Q'ART, Artupunkututa, Cest is d Best and others too numerous too mention have brought a cultural diversity to the city's tourism offer which did not previously exist. There is so much going on, in fact, that it is pretty hard to keep up with the vibrant cultural scene of this very underrated destination.


Until now.

Working with the team from Zagreb for You, the Zagreb Tourist Board have produced an old-fashioned quarterly magazine called ZAGART, which showcases the full cultural scene for that quarter, as well as containing numerous feature articles by cultural experts on what is happening in the city.


The first edition, Spring 2023, for example, has among its focus Animefest in June, the iconic Kordunska 1 Kinoteka cinema, a look at the new cool Zagreb through the eyes of Vecernji List's Cultural Editor, the art hub of Novi Zagreb, the move of Q'ART from Ilica to other neighbourhoods, and the Subversive Festival.

In other words, a superb overview and introduction to the cultural cool of Zagreb, and a good barometer of the liveliness of the cultural scene of the city.


The Zagreb Tourist Board has been focusing in recent years on increasing the visibility of art and culture in the city, making it an essential reason to visit. CEO Martina Bienenfeld had this to say about the launch of ZAGART:

Zagreb is the leader of cultural tourism in Croatia, therefore we wanted to create ZAGART as a quarterly magazine which serves as a platform to emphasise and raise awareness about diverse cultural events, including concerts, festivals, exhibitions and performances. Featuring various artists, musicians, writers and performers, ZAGART is a comprehensive source of information about upcoming cultural events in Zagreb. It helps individuals stay informed about a wide range of events and it enhances the overall visitor experience, while promoting the cultural tourism offer in the Croatian capital.


You can learn more about ZAGART on the Zagreb For You Facebook page – and you can find your free copy at the following locations:

Visitor Centres

Cultural Centres (NZG, Peščenica, Trešnjevka..)

Clubs (Tvornica, Medika, Vintage, Sax...)

Selected libraries/reading rooms and cultural gathering places (KIC, Botaničar,...), kazališta (ZKM, Gavella,..), Lisinski,...

Festivals and events

All major hotels, hostels, museums, cafes

Wednesday, 24 May 2023

New Adrenaline Park and Walking Trail in the Works at Vukovar Adica Park

May 26, 2023 - With many recreation spots and sports events regularly taking place in the city on the Danube, Vukovar is indeed full of fit life. To add to the picture, a new adrenaline park and walking trail are in the works at the famous Adica forest park.

As Glas Slavonije writes, the mayor of Vukovar signed contracts on the execution of works within the framework of the Adica project with the contractors, the companies Planum Građenje d. o. o. and Vodoprivreda Vinkovci d. d. Director Emil Tuša attended the signing on behalf of Planum Građenje, and director Željko Šarčević on behalf of Vodoprivreda. Along with mayor Penava, project manager Igor Antolović, head of the Administrative Department for Economy Kristina Bilić, as well as director of the Vukovar Development Agency Darijan Zeko and director of Vukovar Sports Facilities Ivan Szabo, who are partners in the project, were also present at the signing of the contract.

The first man of Vukovar reminded that the Adica development project is part of the Intervention Plan of Vukovar and one of the capital projects.


"I am happy that, after we found ourselves in a situation where the previously selected contractor ran into problems, we are continuing the project and that we managed to overcome the previously created problems and call for a new public tender, so today we are witnessing the act of signing contracts with the companies with whom we have cooperated well so far," he said, adding that the works will start soon, and the deadline for their completion is nine months from the day of introduction to work.

Project manager Igor Antolović explained that a one-kilometer wooden walking trail would be built along the Vuka River. It will stretch from the beginning of the Adica forest park to the bridge near the St. Petka church and have branches towards the left and right banks of the Vuka River. Along the promenade, Adica will receive a sports and entertainment adrenaline park consisting of high-altitude and low-lying static polygons, a 20-meter-high climbing wall, and a 470-meter-long zip line that will cross the Vuka River. Vodoprivreda Vinkovci is responsible for constructing the walking trail while building the sports and entertainment adrenaline park was entrusted to the company Planum Građenje.

The value of the construction of the walking trail along the river is 3,434,036.83 euros, and the work on the adrenaline park will cost 2,178,377.14 euros.

EUR 3,664,515.56 was secured from European Union funds for the Adica project, EUR 1,406,806 from the city budget, co-financed by the Fund for the Reconstruction and Development of the City of Vukovar for EUR 504,346.

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Osijek Street Race Show is Back This Weekend for its 29th Edition

May 25, 2023 - The fastest weekend in Slavonia and Baranja has been announced at 998 Garage! The long-awaited 29th Osijek Street Race Show is taking place on May 27 and 28 at the Čepin - Osijek Sports Airport, and it's expected to gather around 200 competitors and about 6,000 visitors, making Osijek the centre of extreme sports for a weekend.

As SiB writes, the city of Osijek, the organization, and friends of the event contributed to one of the most visited sports competitions in Osijek and eastern Croatia in general. Deputy Mayor of Osijek Dragan Vulin, HAKS President Davorin Štetner, HAKS Motorsports Committee President Dragan Serden, and the main organizer and president of the "Slavonija" Auto Club Rudolf Kalkan announced the event at a press conference.

According to Rudolf Kalkan, we can expect the biggest Osijek Street Race Show to date: "This is also the 15th anniversary of Auto Club Slavonija, which makes this event even more significant!" Dragan Serden emphasized this special day for Street Race because this discipline was declared a sport in HAKS exactly eight years ago, and he expressed his satisfaction and love for the City on the Drava, to which he is always happy to return!

"The whole team is doing a great job; a lot of effort, sacrifices, sleepless nights, and a great amount of enthusiasm have been invested, without which this sport wouldn't even exist!" said Davorin Stetner. Dragan Vulin expressed great satisfaction and thanked the organizers for doing it all for the 29th time, which Osijek is proud of: "Osijek is a city of sports! This includes the Osijek Street Race Show. Here we also associate sport with tourism, where this event plays a big role in the number of overnight stays and visitors to this area. This is one of the events that makes Osijek a city!"

Spend the coming weekend surrounded by the fastest cars and motorcycles in a relentless test of strength! See you at the start line!

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Biom Association Campaign to Save Young Griffon Vultures in Croatia

May 24, 2023 - On the International Day of Biological Diversity and Nature Protection Day, Biom Association launched a donation campaign, "Let my flight not be the last," aiming to save young Eurasian griffon vultures in Croatia.

Griffon vultures are the last remaining scavenger species in Croatia, whose population numbers only about 120 pairs, the press release states, reported by 24Sata.

Once hatched, griffon vulture chicks stay in the nest for four months while both parents care for them. However, the association warns that 30 birds fall into the sea every year due to human behaviour.

"Due to the various human activities that take place near the nests, such as the large number of tourist and other vessels that sail near the cliffs in the summer season, the birds can panic and fly away from the nest prematurely," they note in Biom.

By the end of the three-year campaign, the goal is to collect 40,000 euros, which will cover warning and informing boat owners and other people about behaviour near the cliffs, as well as searching the sea surface and bird rescue operations, in which trained and experienced volunteers will participate.

The vultures will then be transported to a recovery center and, after recovery, returned to nature. In this way, 12 griffon vultures can be saved a year, the association points out.

"The griffon vulture has an important place in cleaning and keeping the environment healthy because it feeds on the remains of dead animals - that's why it is essential to start preserving this endangered species as soon as they make their first flight so that it is not their last as well," said the campaign leader Paula Pocanić Vovk.

The first stage of the campaign started yesterday so that the collected funds could be used to activate the rescue team for the summer season of 2024.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Minister Bacic at Banovina Reconstruction Sites: Funds Used Before Deadline

May 24, 2023 - Croatian deputy prime minister, Branko Bačić, visited the Banovina reconstruction sites on Tuesday, specifically the landslide in the Petrinja area. He said that in Sisak-Moslavina County, 110 percent of the planned 319 million euros for the reconstruction of buildings was used 50 days before the deadline.

"We are particularly pleased with the implementation of very important projects for Petrinja and the county. All reconstruction projects financed from the Solidarity Fund in Sisak-Moslavina County are progressing well. This applies equally to public and private facilities. By the end of the summer, we will take care of all our fellow citizens in container settlements and speed up the reconstruction of private houses," Bačić said, as reported by Index.

"We will warn contractors about missed deadlines"

He added that in Petrinja, in the container settlements, there are about sixty users living in containers, half of whom do not have the right to rebuild. Eight residential buildings under construction in Petrinja will be used for their accommodation, while the procurement of mobile low-energy wooden houses is underway.

Bačić mentioned that the Ministry is not satisfied with the dynamics of the works of some contractors taking part in the Banovina reconstruction, with whom a meeting will be held on Thursday to warn them of their deadlines.

In the past six weeks, 14 public tenders, with 141 construction sites, had to be canceled. This is why there is a great demand for construction workers, and if they aren't found in the country, contractors from abroad will have to be hired.

Visits to two landslides near Petrinja

Before the tour of the construction site, a meeting was held in Petrinja in the presence of the prefect Ivan Celjak and the mayor of Petrinja, Magdalena Komes, on the dynamics of the continuation of the reconstruction in the area of Petrinja. On this occasion, the structural renovation of 42 buildings was entrusted to the City to speed up the process.

Mayor Komes reminded that, in addition to the obligation to structurally restore buildings in the city's center, the City undertook to remove part of the auxiliary buildings not intended for renovation. Minister Bačić visited the construction site of the complete renovation of the former Munjara in Petrinja. This Art Nouveau private building that once housed its administration, but is now under protection.

He also visited two landslides being rehabilitated near Petrinja with a total value of 255,000 euros. He spoke with the users of the container settlement in Mošćenica, and in Sunja, he also visited the just-completed replacement family house, measuring 55 square meters.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Hajduk Celebrates Back-to-Back Croatian Cup Trophy!

May 24, 2023 - Hajduk beat Sibenik 2-0 at Rujevica Stadium on Wednesday in the Croatian Cup final! It's the first time the Split club has celebrated the Croatian Cup trophy back to back. 

We're in the final week of the SuperSport HNL season week, and with that, we get to see who will celebrate the SuperSport Croatian Football Cup ahead of the 36th round played this weekend. Hajduk and Šibenik met in the final from 19:00 at Rujevica in Rijeka. Interestingly, the two teams also meet in the final round of the league on Sunday. Hajduk has already clinched second place, while Šibenik has been relegated from first league football.

Hajduk was the big favorite and has also been in great form. They haven't conceded a goal in six games, nor have they lost. The Cup final was also unique for Hajduk. It was the first time in eighteen years that Hajduk had the opportunity to win the trophy two seasons in a row. 

Hajduk had loud support from the stands. Most of the east stand was filled with fans from Split, while the north stand was reserved for Šibenik fans who bought only a few hundred tickets for the final. Rujevica was thus not sold out, and around 6,500 fans were in attendance. 

Regarding the lineups for each team, Hajduk was without Mikanović, Lovrencsics, and Kalik, while Šibenik could not count on Điro and Radonjić due to injuries.


Hajduk: Lučić - Sigur, Awaziem, Ferro, Melnjak - Pukštas, Krovinović - Sahiti, Benrahou, Mlakar - Livaja

Šibenik: Đaković - Kvržić, Perić, Kvesić, Mina - Đorić, Soldo - Arai, Hiroš, Dolček - Špeljak 

Match report

Hajduk found the back of the net in the 4th minute, but Mlakar's goal was disallowed after VAR. Hajduk completely dominated Sibenik so far at Rujevica.

Hajduk continued to dominate, but they didn't have any great opportunities in the next 20 minutes. On the other hand, Šibenik, now in the second division, held their own at Rujevica.

Hajduk had two great chances in the 39th minute. Mlakar was one on one with the keeper, who brilliantly saved before the ball went out for a corner. Livaja just missed the goal off the corner. 

A minute of stoppage time was played, and the first half ended 0-0. 

Hajduk put on the pressure in the first few minutes of the second half, but Melnjak missed an open goal. 

Hajduk had their 8th corner in the 56th minute, and Livaja headed to the right of the goal. Sibenik had 0 corners at this point. 

And then it happened. Benrahou shot into Šibenik's defense. After the rebound, the ball reached Melnjak, who scored for Hajduk and the 1-0 lead in the 63rd minute! 

Sibenik held their own to not concede another goal, but Hajduk's defense remained solid and tried to get their second.  

Four minutes of stoppage time were added. 

And Hajduk was awarded a penalty in the final minutes off a Pukstas foul in the box! Livaja scored for 2-0! 

The match ended 2-0 for Hajduk, winning the Croatian Cup trophy for the second consecutive time!  

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Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Croatian Food Across the Pond - Speeza Restaurant Opens in Kentucky

May the 24th, 2023 - Zambelli Brand Design, a leading design agency based in Rijeka, has announced a successful collaboration with the Speeza restaurant, a newly opened Mediterranean street food concept in Kentucky, across the pond in the USA. As part of this collaboration, a visual identity was created that reflects Mediterranean culture, while still appealing to the American market.

Speeza 2

Speeza 3

In a modern concept adapted to the American market, the new Speeza restaurant offers a unique culinary experience that incorporates traditional Croatian, Greek, and Lebanese dishes. Zambelli Brand Design worked closely with Speeza Restaurant to develop their brand strategy, verbal and visual identity. In addition, they developed a comprehensive brand manual for future brand development and franchises. Taking Mediterranean culture and local preferences into account, the collaboration aimed to realize the founder's vision.

The center of the visual identity is the brand name "Speeza". A slang term from Dalmatia (spiza) meaning delicious food or meals, the name was given a unique stamp by replacing the letter "i" with the double letter "ee", making it more memorable and recognizable. In the typographic logo, a hand symbolizes hospitality, a small fish represents a Mediterranean specialty, and an olive leaf represents freshness and natural ingredients.

Zambelli Brand Design developed a color palette inspired by the vibrant shades of the Mediterranean to reflect the brand's commitment to healthy and delicious food. As the primary color, olive green represents the brand's connection to nature and the Mediterranean lifestyle. Furthermore, Zambelli Brand Design created a number of additional graphic and aesthetic elements to accompany consistent brand communication. These elements are inspired by Mediterranean culture, including traditional tablecloth textures and illustrations of local fruits and vegetables.

Speeza 4

Also, Zambelli Brand Design played a significant role in designing brand packaging, bags and takeaway packaging, including cups, boxes and paper bags. Also, the agency helped design a unique and well-designed digital menu for the restaurant, as well as interior details that reflect the brand's Mediterranean identity and create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Speeza brings the essence of Mediterranean cuisine and culture to Kentucky through Mediterranean street food. Speeza is set to become a favorite destination for food lovers in Kentucky and beyond with its distinctive visual identity, healthy offerings, and welcoming ambience.

Speeza 5

Photos: Zambelli Brand Design


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Croatian Beach Makes it Onto the List of 50 Best Beaches in the World

May 24, 2023 - A list of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world has been published, and a Croatian beach has made it there. 

The World's 50 Best Beaches list was created taking into account natural beauty, space, popularity, beach activities, and the cleanliness and calmness of the sea, and was voted by more than 750 of the world's most recognized and experienced influential travel writers, journalists, and experts, writes Index.

Lucky Bay in Australia took the top spot thanks to its clean sand, turquoise water, and population of kangaroos.

"The friendly kangaroos are not the only thing making this the best in the world. Lucky Bay has some of the most pristine snow-white sand and incredible turquoise water you will ever see. Stretching over 5 km guarantees you'll find a spot less crowded to simply take in all the natural beauty," says the portal's explanation.

Anse Source D'Argent in Seychelles is in second place.

"And trust us, it is BREATHTAKING, with granite boulders by the water shore and pinkish sands as a perfect contrast to the crystal clear, turquoise water. This beach will genuinely make you feel like you just stepped into a paradise painting. Anse Source d’Argent is located in the southwest of La Digue island, and people travel to Seychelles just to go there! Also, it is not only a gorgeous spot to chill and take thousands of photos, the shallow clear water allows for fun activities like great swimming for families and spectacular snorkeling with a vibrant coral reef," they explained their choice.

Pasjača Beach in Konavle was ranked 39

The third place was taken by Hidden Beach in the Philippines, hidden behind high limestone cliffs, making it impossible to see it from outside. The small cove can only be reached by boat, followed by swimming through a small opening, and the crystal clear, shallow water surrounded by white sand and limestone walls with lush greenery and palm trees guarantees pleasure.

A Croatian beach also made it on this list. Pasjača Beach in Konavle took 39th place. This beach is located in a secluded, inaccessible area where the rocks drop steeply into the Adriatic Sea. You can reach this beautiful beach, surrounded by natural beauty, by taking the stairs in the rocks.

In 2020, this Croatian beach was declared the best European beach on the European Best Destinations portal.

You can find the complete list of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world here.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2023

The EHIC - How to Utilise Your Croatian Health Insurance Abroad

May the 24th, 2023 - I tackled navigating Croatian Health Insurance (HZZO) in another article, and while getting insured as a foreigner living in Croatia can sometimes be more of a task than it needs to be, there are numerous benefits to going through the process. One of them, aside from it being mandatory, is that you can utilise your Croatian Health Insurance abroad.

Having HZZO means that you're also insured across the European Union (EU). Should you become unwell, injured, or require medical treatment, having HZZO means you'll get access to it on the same basis as nationals/residents of whatever EU country you're temporarily located in also do. Here's how to make sure that you're covered should misfortune befall you when spending time in another EU member state.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

An EHIC is provided to all individuals who request one as long as they're insured by the state/public policy in their EU country of residence. This means that, as stated above, by having HZZO, you're entitled to an EHIC. An EHIC is issued by HZZO for free and is typically (but not always) issued for a period of one year at a time. The validity of the EHIC will be displayed on the card.

Do I need to be a Croatian citizen to have an EHIC issued to me by HZZO?

No. In fact, many Croatian citizens who live and work abroad have ended up in hot water for utilising their Croatian Health Insurance abroad despite no longer living or working in the country. You just need to be a legal resident of Croatia who has HZZO in order to be given an EHIC and as such utilise your Croatian Health Insurance abroad. You can find out more about who needs to be insured by HZZO and who doesn't by clicking here.

What does the EHIC cover?

An EHIC will allow you to utilice your Croatian health insurance abroad and access treatment at any public medical facility or hospital in another EU country either for free or at a reduced cost. It covers you if you require urgent medical attention/treatment which cannot be postponed until you leave whatever country you're in. It will also cover you for your pre-existing conditions or chronic health issues as long as the trip you're on isn't a ''medical/healthcare tourism'' trip.

So, if you've gone skiing in Italy and you happen to suffer from hypertension that is being treated already but you experience some issues, you'll be able to use your EHIC to be seen by a contracting doctor in a public healthcare facility. 

If you're visiting historic places somewhere in France and you're diabetic and need some sort of medical attention as a result - No problem.

On that same note, it's worth keeping firmly in mind that the EHIC doesn't cover everything, and it will typically only cover unplanned treatment you need until your return to your country of residence. It will also usually cover maternity care and any pregnancy complications as long as you've not clearly planned to give birth abroad.

What about cancer treatment and the like?

You can also utilise your Croatian Health Insurance abroad through an EHIC if you require chemotherapy, oxygen therapy, treatment for conditions such as asthma, and some other types of ongoing therapy, including dialysis. In such cases, however, you'll need to come to an agreement with the healthcare facility/hospital you'll be using before you travel to whatever EU country it is located in.

Is an EHIC the same as travel insurance?

In short - No. You should always take out a travel insurance policy as the EHIC doesn't act as an alternative to what comprehensive travel insurance will offer you. It isn't going to cover any private medical healthcare or associated costs. It won't cover your repatriation either. Some insurers who offer travel insurance policies to clients now insist that the applicant hold an EHIC and many will waive the excess if you do hold one.

I ended up having to pay for my medical treatment abroad despite having an EHIC, will HZZO refund me?

Usually, yes. If the healthcare you required abroad was urgent, then you can apply for a refund from HZZO when you return to Croatia.

How can apply for an EHIC?

In Croatian, the EHIC is referred to as the EKZO (Europska kartica zdravstvenog osiguranja), and can be applied for either at your local HZZO branch/office or online. It is usually made and available for you to pick up eight days after your application is made.

When applying online, you'll need to fill in your OIB/Personal identification number and your MBO/Insurance identification number, as well as the desired location of your local HZZO office, from which you'll want to pick up your EHIC when it's ready.

If you want to apply for yours online, click here.

For a list of HZZO offices you can either go to to apply for your EHIC in person or to pick up your EHIC from after applying online, click here and select your area/city/town.

What if I stop being covered by HZZO?

If your Croatian Health Insurance coverage ceases for whatever reason, you'll need to return your EHIC to your regional/local HZZO office.


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