Thursday, 17 June 2021

Zagreb Tourism Cautiously Returning After Over One Year of Difficulties

June the 17th, 2021 - Following more than one entire year of obstacles, difficulties and for some time entire impossibilities, Zagreb tourism is making a cautious but definite return to life, with June 2021 seeing more foreign visitors arriving for a long awaited city break in the bustling Croatian capital. As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, after a break of over a year in tourist traffic, which in addition to the pandemic was largely due to the Zagreb and Sisak earthquakes and their obvious consequences, Zagreb tourism is slowly returning to "shape", with an increase in overnight stays and reservations noted,…
Thursday, 17 June 2021

For Germans, Record September in Croatia on Cards if Lockdown Avoided

June the 17th, 2021 - When it comes to German tourists, Croatia has always been a firm favourite and the sight of a German convoy of motorhomes carrying bikes and small boats bombing along the motorway to the Adriatic coast isn't an unusual sight in normal years. Thankfully, this sight has gradually started to become the norm again, and if lockdowns can be avoided, as far as the Germans are concerned, there could be a record September in Croatia this year. As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Selimir Ognjenovic, the head of the Munich tour operator ID Riva tours, was present at…
Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Book Presented by Ivo Pilar Social Research Institute in Gospić

May 16, 2021 - Suitable for the 30th anniversary of one beloved Croatian civil protection organisation, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service book was presented by the Ivo Pilar Social Research Institute based in Gospic. With many tourists and visitors (and Croats too), not being too careful when going on ''their little adventures'' up mountains such as the Dinara, Velebit, or elsewhere, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) is as busy as Batman in Gotham. What with saving people who get lost, being bitten by poisonous animals that live on the mountains, or dealing with people who have hurt themselves in any…
Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Astronomy Days Celebrated With Jelsa's Clear Night Sky

June 16, 2021 - The first Croatian town to join the International Dark Sky Community continues to prove that its clear, star-filled sky continues to rank it as one of the top astrotourism destinations, with Jelsa celebrating its Astronomy Days from June 10th to 14th. In cooperation with the Croatian Astronomical Association, the Jelsa Tourist Board, and the Leo Brenner Astronomical Society, the Astronomy Days were organized in Jelsa between June 10th and 14th, which is another step of Jelsa towards the development of astrotourism, reports Turističke priče. As part of the program, primary school children learned how to observe…
Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Pimp My Pump: Bringing Art to Zagreb's Public Drinking Water

June 15, 2021 - Zagreb continues its efforts to promote sustainability through art, this time highlighting the publicly available drinking water. Meet Pimp My Pump.  A few months ago, I read an article about a journalist in his 50s who decided to try and live for a week without the Internet and return to the communications era of his youth. He spent an illuminating but very frustrating week in London trying to get through the basics of his day without resorting to going online.  One of the observations which stayed with me from his article was his experience of walking…
Tuesday, 15 June 2021

10 Things Croatians Do That Tourists Find Weird

June 15th, 2021 - As the summer season begins and the country is welcoming a large number of tourists, it's time to take a look at 10 things Croatians do that tourists may find weird on their visit here.   1. Our coffee culture  Pixabay Croatians love drinking coffee and taking their time, and we tend to take our coffee culture very seriously. At home, we make Turkish coffee, and outside we drink Italian, simple as that. We like our coffees very strong and mostly black, nothing fancy. The only acceptable additions are milk and sugar, no fancy sweeteners or syrups…
Tuesday, 15 June 2021

800,000 Passengers at Split Airport this Year? UK Market Will Decide

June 15, 2021 - How many passengers at Split Airport will be recorded this year? That hugely depends on the UK market.  The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) green list means unhindered movement without the risk of COVID-19 infection, and that is exactly what Croatia wants to be this summer, reports Slobodna Dalmacija. After Croatian counties were made green by Switzerland and almost entirely by Germany (except Varaždin and Međimurje), it is expected that a good epidemiological picture will remain in force, which is a basic prerequisite for more intensive tourist trips to the Adriatic. They are…
Monday, 14 June 2021

KLM Increases Daily Flights to Croatian Destinations!

June 14, 2021 - Great news as the Dutch airline KLM increases daily flights to Croatian destinations such as Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb for the summer season! The latest developments regarding flights to Croatia continue to improve this summer season, as KLM increases daily flights to Croatian destinations and offers from one to three daily flights to destinations in Croatia. KLM is ready to responsibly and safely transport its passengers to selected destinations and has provided members of its Frequent flyer program Flying Blue with a 30% lower testing price in cooperation with the LabPlus Polyclinic, reports Additional seasonal KLM…
Monday, 14 June 2021

Split Tourism 2021: Most Guests Expected from July, Over 2,700 Tourists in Split Currently

June 14, 2021 - There are just over 2,700 tourists in Split, though announcements of a promising summer are underway.  Slobodna Dalmacija reports that there are currently 2766 tourists in Split - mostly Croatians, followed by guests from the USA, Germany, France, and Poland, confirmed Alijana Vukšić, director of the Split Tourist Board, which clearly speaks of the current tourist picture in Croatia's second-largest city, which broke records until the coronavirus pandemic. From the beginning of June until June 13, a little more than 26,000 tourist overnights have been realized, while the number of tourist nights in the same period…
Monday, 14 June 2021

Google Launches Platform To Help Croatia's Tourism Sector

June 14th, 2021 - Google has launched the "Travel Insights with Google" platform to support the recovery of Croatia's tourism sector and help it adapt to the current search trends and trends in travel conditions; Google Adriatic said last Tuesday. The platform includes numerous tools, and Google presented it as part of the UNWTO & Google Acceleration Programme, which focuses on Croatia, Greece, Portugal, and Italy. In the press release, Google recalled that the tourism sector was one of the largest in the global economy, accounting for 10% of the global GDP, and according to data from 2019, it accounts for…
Sunday, 13 June 2021

Arrival of 14 Zadar Cruise Ships Scheduled! First Arriving on July 20

June the 13th, 2021 - With the epidemiological picture finally becoming more favourable and vaccination across Europe going well, things are beginning to very slowly but steadily return to some form of pre-pandemic normality. For Croatian tourism, there couldn't be better news. So far, 14 Zadar cruise ships are scheduled, the first of which is set to arrive in mid-July. As Morski writes, the well known Cruise company Viking Cruises is the first cruise company to publicly announce the return of their cruisers to the Dalmatian city of Zadar this summer, and it isn't the only one. As has…
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