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Friday, 9 April 2021

Istrian Winery Rossi Outshines International Competition in Japan

April the 9th, 2021 - The Istrian winery Rossi, which is also a distillery, has become well known in distant Japan, shedding more light from that market onto beautiful Istria and its wide array of local produce. As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, after winning the quality award at the European competition The Europe Wine & Spirits Trophy, where the Istrian winery Rossi won gold for their Teranino and Amaro Istriano, they decided to see how their products would pass in an international competition and enter the challenging Japan Wine Competition. The Japanese competition is one that is held once a year,…
Friday, 9 April 2021

Croatian Panissimo Project Offers Fresh Bread from Vending Machines!

April the 9th, 2021 - The Croatian Panissimo project is an unusual and innovative one. Would you fancy getting your hands on your daily fresh bread and other similar items from a vending machine when the bakeries are shut? As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marta Duic writes, having fresh, quality and home-made bakery products at your fingertips and available 24 hours a day is the basic idea behind the innovative Croatian Panissimo project whicb involves setting up ''bread stations'' in the form of vending machines. They were initially set up last month in Pazin, Istria. The Croatian Panissimo project is a business idea…
Thursday, 8 April 2021

Solin Company Include Begins Production of More Smart Benches

April the 8th, 2021 - The Solin company Include, the first domestic manufacturer of smart benches owned by entrepreneur Ivan Mrvos, has increased its production capacity by five times. As Novac/Bernard Ivezic writes, on Monday, the Solin startup started mass-producing smart benches and smart waste bins. In one shift a year, 1,300 of them will be made. By comparison, since back in 2016, meaning since the establishment of production, until the end of last year, the Solin company Include has made a little less than 1,600 such items. The Solin company Include's founder and director Ivan Mrvos has stated that…
Tuesday, 6 April 2021

First Croatian Scientific Book on Hospitality Released!

April 6, 2021 - The first Croatian scientific book on hospitality backed by the experiences of two respected authors in the business has been released!  Hot off the press, Croatia received its first official scientific book on hospitality – „Excellence as a Standard in Hospitality Business“ (Izvrsnost kao standard u ugostiteljskom poslovanju). As Turizmoteka reports, the book published by the Aspira school has four chapters and 24 subchapters which will help further develop the business to the experience and allow unexperienced to set up the optimal business concept“. The book covers specifics of the hospitality business, criteria for hiring new…
Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Adriatic Story - The Croatian Marine Life Memory Game for Kids

April the 6th, 2021 - Adriatic Story (Croatian: Jadranska prica) is a memory game for kids containing the name of every marine orgamism living in the Adriatic sea! This 100% Croatian-made product is designed to get the youngest in our society better acquainted with what lives below the surface. As Morski writes, two Croatian agronomists, Marina and Filip, are both self-proclaimed lovers of the sea and what lives within it. One year ago, they became parents and then they started thinking about how to educate their little girl, as well as all the other children about the most famous inhabitants…
Saturday, 3 April 2021

Split Company Constructing Boat for Zlarin Coral Centre

April the 3rd, 2021 - One Split-based company is busy constructing a vessel for the educational and additional research needs of the Zlarin Coral Centre. As Morski writes, the Split company "Pakleni otoci" d.o.o. will build a vessel for the aforementioned needs of the Zlarin Coral Centre worth (including VAT) 2.56 million kuna in total. The contract on the design and construction of the twelve-metre-long and six-meter-wide vessel was signed recently by Zeljko Buric, the Mayor of Sibenik, and Luka Colnago, the director of the company engaged in the vessel's construction. ''The islands need facilities that will open more new…
Saturday, 3 April 2021

Proven Croatian Quality Label for Fruit Sector Recognised!

April the 3rd, 2021 - The proven Croatian quality label for the domestic fruit sector has now been recognised, marking another step forward in the proper recognition of local products. As Morski writes, the very first sector to recognise the advantage of the Croatian quality system for agricultural and food products - "Proven Quality (Dokazana kvaliteta)" is the fruit production sector. Back on October the 2nd, 2020 the Ministry of Agriculture received the first application for recognition of the Croatian quality label Proven Quality - Fruit submitted by the Association of Croatian Fruit Growers. Following the successful implementation of the legally…
Thursday, 1 April 2021

Infinity Luxury Croatian Smart Showers in 15 Foreign Markets Thanks to LinkedIn

April 1, 2021 - Croatian smart showers by Infinity Luxury are now in 15 markets worldwide since the beginning of the year - and it's all thanks to LinkedIn! We have already written about Infinity Luxury, the Croatian luxury outdoor shower manufacturer that has opened the door to the global market this year. And that is mostly thanks to the communication on the business social network LinkedIn, reports HRTurizam. Infinity Luxury products are intended primarily for hotels, luxury holiday homes with swimming pools, camps, aquaparks, and resorts. An interesting business model is based on b2b communication, not to owners or…
Thursday, 1 April 2021

Macedonian Interior Ministry Hands Award to Croatian Company Dubina

April the 1st, 2021 - The Macedonian Interior Ministry (MUP) has handed the Croatian company Dubina, which is an enterprise which deals with underwater operations and is headquartered in the Dalmatian city of Split, an award. As Novac writes, last week in Skopje, the Croatian company Dubina and its director Gordan Zupa received an award from the Ministry of the Interior of Macedonia for its special contribution and mutual cooperation. The plaque was awarded to the Split-based enterprise on the occasion of the celebration of forty years of the special police of Macedonia, and the handing over of the award…
Sunday, 28 March 2021

Croatian Radio's Drama "Earthquake" Wins BBC Best European Drama Award 2021

ZAGREB, 28 March 2021- Croatian Radio's short radio drama "Earthquake", from the Short Forms cycle, has won the BBC Best European Drama Award 2021, after reaching the finals with Austrian and Swiss radio shows. Katja Šimunić, the editor of the Short Forms show, confirmed that they had found out they had won the BBC Best European Award 2021 in a live Zoom broadcast on Friday evening and that they were very happy. "It gives us encouragement to continue exploring in our drama program", she said, adding that the excellent interpretation of Janko Polić Kamov's text, older than a hundred years, and…
Thursday, 25 March 2021

Pioneers of First Croatian Electric Scooter Announce Crowdfunding Campaign

March 25, 2021 - In a time and place where people are desperately searching for transport solutions to environmental problems, car traffic, crowds, and limited amounts of parking, especially during the tourist season at hotels and parks, the Croatian company IDDI decided to step forward and design the first Croatian electric scooter. IDDI d.o.o. has announced their crowdfunding campaign on the Croatian platform CroInvest this week, where the goal is to raise the amount of HRK 250,000 for the completion of production and for R&D to make the world's first electric scooter from biodegradable materials. IDDI, under the Rolla brand,…
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