Two Thirds of Students in Split to Have a Bed at the University Dormitories

By 6 September 2015

Student accommodation an issue in Split ahead of the new academic year. 

More than 60 percent of students at the University of Split who have applied for affordable accommodation in the student dormitories managed by the Split Student Centre have already secured their places, and it is expected that after the appeal period is over only about a third of the candidates will remain "below the line". The Student Centre has announced the interim results of the admission process. At this time, 1,221 students can sleep peacefully because they have their place in the dormitories – they must only finish the required procedure and move into their new homes from 1 to 9 October, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on September 6, 2015.

Among the lucky ones are 462 freshmen, who have a right to a bed in one of the student dormitories, as well as 759 older students. The others who have applied, and there are 762 of them, can still hope they will find a place in dormitories after the appeal period is over. Of course, the chances are greater for those who are higher on the waiting list, which can be easily checked on the official website of the Student Centre, where the overall provisional ranking list of candidates with the number of points earned has been published.

"These results are similar to last year's and much better than before the Franjo Tuđman dormitory was built. Earlier, just 30 percent of interested students were able to get accommodation in the dormitories. However, since we have increased the capacity, we are able to accept many more of them", said Matko Matković, head of the student accommodation services at the Split Student Centre, noting that they can accommodate around 1300 students.

Those who are not satisfied with their position on the list and believe they have a right to have an accommodation in the dormitories have until September 8 to send their complaints. In mid-September, the final ranking list should be announced. Then, from 18 to 22 September, the "entry line" will start to move down the list because some of the originally assigned places usually remain unused, since some students who have a right to accommodation in the end do not show up, usually because they have decided to study at some other university.