Varazdin Bus Station Denies Flixbus Vehicle Access

By 10 April 2023

April the 10th, 2023 - If you've spent any time on the road anywhere in Croatia, and especially on the motorway, you'll definitely have noticed the large green Flixbus vehicles heading up and down the country, and indeed across its borders. Varazdin bus station however, has not allowed the company access.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, this week, the incredibly popular Flixbus vehicles weren't permitted to enter and use Varazdin bus station, local portal Varazdinske vijesti/Varazdin news reports.  According to that portal, the Flixbus international bus vehicle fleet was greeted by a lowered ramp for the platforms of Varazdin bus station during late hours of the night.

Passengers also got off the bus yesterday in the area in front of Varazdin bus station and not actually inside it. Flixbus stated that the bus station had previously sent them a letter stating that they do not have the necessary approval to use the bus station or its services, and that from April the 6th, their buses will not be able to enter Varazdin bus station because there is no possibility of acceptance at that time.

According to Flixbus, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs Transport and Infrastructure, headed by Oleg Butkovic, has confirmed that the inspection had gone out to the field to try to work out what is going on with this particular situation, but it is not yet known what was clarified or otherwise.

It seems that until clarity on this situation can be reached, Flixbus passengers getting on or off these large green buses will have to do so outside of the property owned by Varazdin's proper bus station.

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