Rijeka Bomb Removal and Neutralisation Action Kicking Off

Rijeka Bomb Removal and Neutralisation Action Kicking Off
Nel Pavletic / PIXSELL

March 19, 2023 - With the sounding of the danger sirens in the morning, ten minutes after six, the complex operation of the Rijeka bomb removal and neutralisation began.

As Index writes, the residual anti-ship mine from the Second World War from the port of Rijeka began. As announced by the Civil Protection Headquarters of the City of Rijeka, the mine will be transported by ship to the intended location at sea in the Gulf of Rijeka and neutralized. Before the operation, a complete evacuation was carried out for the safety and protection of human lives.

On Saturday, around 500 residents were evacuated from buildings in the zone of immediate potential danger in case of mine activation. It all went without problems, most people organized their temporary accommodation themselves, and a smaller part was accommodated in the Youth Hall in Trsat, where beds and refreshments were arranged.

Division into zones

The work of all economic, entrepreneurial, hospitality and other activities has been suspended. On Saturday, parked vehicles were moved from the parking lot in the danger zone, all ships and boats were temporarily moved from the passenger quay in the port of Rijeka, and the Gulf of Rijeka was closed for sailing. The flight zone ban over the port of Rijeka is also in force, especially for drones.

For safety reasons, the area next to the port of Rijeka is divided into a red zone of immediate potential danger, from which residents have been evacuated, and a yellow zone. In the red zone are the streets around Putnička obala, from Žabica Square and Krešimirova Street in the west, through Adamićeva Street and Riva to Riva Boduli and the city market in the east.

In the red zone, all traffic is forbidden, so road traffic takes place in the so-called northern corridor through the center of the city. Tenants in the yellow zone were advised not to stay outdoors or near glass surfaces, and hospitality facilities not to plan work during the action.

Neutralisation of the mine is expected in the afternoon

The neutralisation of the mine is expected in the afternoon, and the end of the operation will be marked by the sirens for the end of danger. In the port of Rijeka, during infrastructure works, an anti-ship mine from the Second World War was discovered at the end of June, which had not been noticed until now because it was partially buried in the muddy seabed.

Due to the characteristics and the location where it was found, it was not possible to destroy the mine at the place of discovery, so a relocation and neutralisation plan is being carried out, in which the Civil Protection Headquarters of the City of Rijeka, the Police Department of Primorje-Gorski Kotar, the Regional Anti-Explosion Unit Rijeka, the City of Rijeka, utilities and other services are taking part.

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