Penalties for Croatian Doctors Working Unauthorised in Private Practices

Penalties for Croatian Doctors Working Unauthorised in Private Practices

February 8, 2023 - Inspection by the Croatian Ministry of Health in some public and private institutions in Zagreb and Split revealed that some Croatian doctors who worked in hospitals were caught outside their workplace and that they were working in private institutions even though they did not have a permit for this from the director of the hospital where they were employed.

Večernji List / Index report. "Doctors who were found to be performing health care activities in institutions other than their primary employer institutions, without the approval of the director, were reported to the competent misdemeanor courts. The directors were also informed about those events in order to take measures in accordance with the Labour Act. In connection with the issue mentioned above, the Ministry of Health will continue to conduct inspections and transparently inform all stakeholders about what has been established," Minister Vili Beroš said.

Some Croatian doctors worked in private practices after they would finish their duties at their primary hospitals or on their days off. The problem lies in the fact that they did not have a permit for that. The valid Ordinance on the additional work of doctors stipulates that doctors who properly fulfill their obligations from the employment relationship and have permission for additional work can conduct such additional work, while working on the side without a permit is considered a violation of the obligations from the employment relationship. When such a violation occurs, the doctor in question will not be allowed to work two jobs for two years.

Even a doctor who works with a permit can end up having it taken away if they do not regularly fulfill their obligations at their primary hospital. Some hospital directors have already acted according to the findings of the inspection and handed warnings to doctors.

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