What's Up With Grown Men Kneeling in Zagreb Main Square?

By 13 January 2023
What's Up With Grown Men Kneeling in Zagreb Main Square?
Lola Vejzovic Sremec / PIXSELL

January 13, 2023 - If you live in Zagreb or were lucky enough to visit on the first Saturday of the month in the last four months, you might have witnessed the unforgettable sight of a bunch of fully grown men kneeling in the Ban Josip Jelacic square, praying in unison.

You might have even felt the small dick energy in the air. If you're looking for an explanation, we have finally given in and decided to give them the attention they've so eagerly asked for. Long story short, they are extreme Catholics who have decided their time is best used praying for all the things that matter and make sense, like no sex before marriage, banning abortion, or women covering themselves. 

As Index /Provjereno report, every first Saturday of the month, men gather on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb and pray on their knees. Provjereno journalist Danka Derifaj spoke with the priest leading the prayer.

"Many women are not aware when they dress provocatively, which causes great inconvenience and other things for the male population. Women should make sure they do not cause men to sin with their behaviour and clothing," said Father Bozidar Nagy from the Basilica of the Heart of Jesus.

"Women's Immoral Clothing"

When the journalist asked if men were not responsible for their own sins, he answered: "Listen, there are also those who provoke, either consciously or unconsciously, that is specifically women's immoral clothing."

The initiative started on the website Muzevni Budite (Be a Man), a portal intended for Catholic men, as stated in their intro. One of said men is John Vice Batarelo, president of the Vigilare Foundation.

"It is a prayer movement that started in Poland and is spreading worldwide. It reached us four months ago, here in Zagreb, but also other cities in Croatia," said Father Božidar Nagy.

"God's commandments are never out of date," Nagy added, after which Derifaj asked him about the equality of women and men: "These are the foundations of human rights. Take the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and you will see that it is based on God's commandments."

"When a woman is covered, it's fine."

The journalist then asked how the movement is about equality if women are not equal to men.

"What, do you think this is against the female part of the population? Honestly, when you see it in Muslim countries... Yes, it's excessive, but still... When a woman is dressed decently, it isn't provocative; when she's covered, it's fine. Listen, our blessed Ivan Merz said that women covering themselves in Islam was a good thing after all," said Father Bozidar Nagy.

As Nagy pointed out, the prayer movement comes from Poland, where the Ordo Iuris Foundation is from, whose branch in Croatia was founded four years ago by John Vice Batarelo and his Vigilare Foundation. Both are located at the same address.

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