Euro in Croatia: ATMs Shutting Down, Here is How to Get Cash

Euro in Croatia: ATMs Shutting Down, Here is How to Get Cash

December 6, 2022 - Due to the introduction of the euro in Croatia, only 40 percent of ATMs will soon be available. About 50 were shut down on Monday, and some have already received euros.

"You must go around every ATM, update it, and then prepare it to accept euro notes. There are over 40,000 ATM cassettes in 4,000 ATMs, and we have to adjust each one individually for the new dimensions of euro banknotes, which, of course, are different dimensions from kuna banknotes", explained Tihomir Mavriček, executive director of the CNB's cash sector, for RTL / reported by Poslovni.

During December, more than 2,700 ATMs will not work - during the transition period, only those that can withdraw both old and new currency will work. "The remaining 30 percent of ATMs, or 1,300 of them, will be adapted by January 15, 2023, from when all ATMs, about 4,000 of them, will be ready and only pay out euros," adds Mavriček.

A huge job awaits security services as well.

"Yes, during any attempt to steal money from an ATM, the money will be discoloured. It will take on a greenish-blue color, depending on which manufacturer it is, and the money will be unusable," Lidija Stolica, president of the Croatian Guild of Security Guards, told RTL.

The mass shutdown will begin in about ten days. "A small number will be shut down by December 15, and from December 15, the Croatian Association of Banks (HUB) will publish an interactive map of all ATMs in Croatia that are active in real-time so that all citizens know at all times which ATM is working and where they can withdraw cash", says Ivan Hrvoje Maljković from the Croatian Association of Banks for RTL.

There is no reason to panic unless you have no money on your card because even in smaller areas, you will be able to get cash. "Special focus was on smaller areas, where there are fewer ATMs - at the HUB level, the banks have agreed on the way to adjust the network so that citizens have sufficient ATMs available in every place in Croatia at any time," adds Maljković.

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