Keesing Technologies Showcases Croatian ID Cards at Trustech Fair

By 30 November 2022
Keesing Technologies Showcases Croatian ID Cards at Trustech Fair

November the 30th, 2022 - The Trustech fair in Paris has seen Croatian ID cards showcased by the Dutch company Keesing Technologies, which highlighted them as among the most aesthetically pleasing.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, at the Trustech fair, which is deemed to be the most important technology fair for identity and payment solutions, the Dutch company Keesing Technologies decorated the exhibition space with images of the protective elements of Croatian ID cards, which can also be seen on the cover of the "Overview of travel documents" magazine.

Trustech, the most important technology fair for solutions in the field of identity and payment solutions, is being held in Paris from November the 29th to December the 1st and expects more than 5,000 visitors and 150 exhibitors, Irena Papes, the advisor of the AKD Public Relations Directorate, announced on Wednesday.

According to the impression and statements from Keesing Technologies, Croatian ID cards are "some of the most beautiful identification documents created in the last few years". The Croatian company AKD which produces them, is more than happy with that opinion.

The Dutch company Keesing Technologies has otherwise existed since 1911, and within its DocumentChecker solution, it owns a database of identification documents and banknotes for 200 countries around the world, and through AuthentiScan, they enable verification of the authenticity of said identification documents.

In addition, the protection elements of Croatian ID cards - the partially metalised Kinegram made with ZERO.ZERO technology - adorn the cover of the aforementioned "Overview of travel documents 2016-2021" magazine.

"I'm proud that the design of Croatian ID cards, as well as the entire IT solution, is an entirely Croatian product made at AKD. We'd like to thank our colleagues from the Ministry of the Interior (MUP) for their excellent cooperation with us,'' said Jure Sertic, the CEO of AKD, a company that produces personal documents and protected printed matter, develops advanced IT solutions in the field of identity and security, advanced traceability systems, and provides services to the banking and fintech sector.

AKD is recognised as a leader by international partners as well, stated the advisor of the Administration, Irena Papes.

The Agency for Commercial Activities (AKD) is a company of special interest to the Republic of Croatia and is 100 percent owned by the state.

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