Croatian Weather Service Finally Has Full Radar Coverage

By 29 November 2022
Croatian Weather Service Finally Has Full Radar Coverage

November 29, 2022 - The Croatian national weather service (DHMZ) reported today that the latest in the series of radar devices was installed and fully operational on the Pelješac peninsula, which makes the entire national area covered with such devices.

With the completion of the test operation of the radar device at the MRC Uljenje location on the Pelješac peninsula, radar data for the south of Croatia is available to the public, the DHMZ reported. It is the third, final modern meteorological radar on the Croatian part of the Adriatic. Its antenna and the dome were installed on October 19, 2022, after which the final equipment installations and test operation of the radar device began.

As of today, the C-band Doppler meteorological radar on the top of Uljenje on Pelješac started working, and thus for the first time in history the entire territory of Croatia, including the Croatian coast, sea and islands, is covered by radar measurements. A better understanding of the state of the atmosphere in southern Dalmatia is a long-standing wish of Croatian meteorologists, which was finally realized with the start of the operation of this radar device.

All users of DHMZ services can access radar measurements via their mobile devices or computers and thus not only better plan their daily activities, but also assess how far some dangerous weather system is from them and make a timely decision about their safety. Currently, 5 radar devices are in operation at the locations of MRC Gradište, MRC Bilogora, MRC Goli, MRC Debeljak and MRC Uljenje (or check out the composite image created by them all). By the time the entire project is finished, the radar at the location of MRC Puntijarka (on Sljeme, near Zagreb) will also be in operation.

The DHMZ shared the on their social networks, including the photos of the radar itself and the first composite image from the radars. See if you can see something else recently opened in Croatia in the photo of the radar dome!

The measurements from 5 meteorological oceanographic buoys anchored this summer along the Adriatic Sea and two altitude stations in Slavonia and Istria, and after the installation of sensors at more than 400 locations of ground stations, create a modern meteorological observation system. The project to modernize the meteorological monitoring network in the Republic of Croatia - METMONIC, implemented by DHMZ, will further improve the early warning system for extreme weather and hydrological phenomena and climatic conditions. With this, the Croatian weather service will provide additional support to the development of the economy, tourism, fishing and boating, as well as adaptation to climate change. The total estimated cost of the METMONIC project is HRK 343,914,506.50, of which 85% or HRK 292,327,330.52 is financed from EU funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion, while 15% of the national component in the amount of HRK 51,587,175.98 is co-financed The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.