Selfless Croatian Students Donate Hair to Kids With Cancer

By 14 November 2022

November the 14th, 2022 - Croatian students have generously and selflessly donated their hair to other children who are suffering with cancer and needing to undergo chemotherapy which more often than not results in hair loss.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Noelle Suler Bistre is just eight years old, she attends the second grade of Eugen Kumicic Elementary School, and for her seventh birthday she decided she didn't want any presents. This school year, Noelle donated hair she had cut off to the Iskra Association of Parents of Children Suffering from Malignant Diseases from Banja Luka, and she decided on this venture two weeks ago thanks to her friend Dior, who is one year older than her, and with whom she goes to ballet.

It was Dior, according Noelle, that motivated her to donate 36 centimetres of her own hair to make a wig that will brighten up the days of a child dealing with not only cancer but the often extremely harsh realities of cancer treatment.

However, Noelle is not the only student who decided to make this humanitarian move, because in the last three years, three other Croatian students have done the same thing, and they have jointly donated a total of 148 centimetres of hair. Sixth grade student Natali Bozic was the first to do it three years ago, followed by Masa Stevanovic, then fifth grader who has been attending the Josip Pavlisic Catholic Elementary School since this school year, while eighth grader Ana Prtenjaca did it this September, according to Rijeka portal Novi list.

Regardless of what was the impetus for the donation, all four of these kind and generous Croatians students agree that they have never regretted doing it, and as Natali says, her older sister encouraged her to donate her hair.

All of these Croatian students, according to the principal of Eugen Kumicic Primary School, Ana Anic Opasic, regularly participate in various humanitarian actions that the school organises, and within the framework of which the school designed and had umbrellas made with the motto "Svaka kap je bitna/Every drop counts".

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