Congolese Basketball Player Nsimba Luzenga Louange Still Not Found

By 6 November 2022
Congolese Basketball Player Nsimba Luzenga Louange Still Not Found
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November 6, 2022 - After being reported missing from Požega last week, Nsimba Luzenga Louange has still not been found.

The Congolese basketball player, Nsimba Luzenga Lousange, 25, was reported missing from Požega on October 28th. She was playing basketball for the ŽKK Plamen from Požega, and Vladimir Englman, the club's coach, reported her missing. The police have asked the public to share with them any information about her whereabouts, and her profile has been shared on the National Missing Person's Registry.

And now, after more than a week, 24 sata is reporting that she has yet not been found. Mr. Englman told them that the police were unable to confirm that she's gone across Croatian national borders (which is weird, as she is a Congolese national and her passport should be noted at every border-crossing). The coach thinks that she's decided to go somewhere to have surgery on her knee. She was recently diagnosed with anterior cruciate ligament injury. She was given the option to have surgery in Croatia, using the regular route, but he thinks that it might've been to long for her to wait until January of 2023 to have that surgery done. The coach also confirmed that he's spoken with Nsimba's manager, who has checked if she was able to return back home to the Democratic Republic of Congo - but the answer is no. So, nobody knows where she is as of now.

If you know anything about Nsimba Luzenga Louange, a missing basketball player from Congo in Požega, please notify the closest police station, call the phone number 192, or report over email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..