President Visits Fire Site on Hvar island

By 8 August 2022
President Visits Fire Site on Hvar island
Taliah Bradbury

ZAGREB, 8 August, 2022 - President Zoran Milanović on Monday visited Vrbanj and Dol near Stari Grad on the island of Hvar, where a wildfire erupted recently, calling on local residents to put themselves first in the event of a fire and noting that Croatia should have at least six operational firefighting planes during the fire season.

"I call on all people who find themselves in a situation like this one to put themselves and their families first," Milanović said in a comment on the death of a local resident killed in a wildfire while trying to protect his house and excavator.

Speaking of firefighting planes participating in putting out fires, Milanović said that it would be best if all six firefighting planes, or at least five, were operational during the fire season.

Asked about the government's latest intervention in fuel prices, Milanović said that one could always do more and that the government should primarily focus on dealing with corruption.

"That's what makes people frustrated and why they are leaving Croatia," he said, adding that energy prices should be closely monitored.