Seven Under Investigation for Smuggling Migrants

By 23 July 2022
Seven Under Investigation for Smuggling Migrants

ZAGREB, 23 July 2022 - The USKOK anti-corruption office has launched an investigation into six Croatian nationals and one Bosnia and Herzegovina citizen suspected of smuggling at least 251 illegal migrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Slovenia from March to June and of earning at least HRK 287,000 in the process.

The investigation has been launched following a criminal complaint by the Istria County police.

According to USKOK, the main suspect, a 38-year-old Croatian citizen, arranged with unknowns from Serbia and Turkey the reception of a larger number of foreigners who had entered Croatia illegally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and their transfer to the Slovenian border.

The illegal migrants were each charged at least €150 to be transferred to Slovenia, USKOK suspects.

(€1 = HRK 7.5)