Zagreb Gets Monument in Honour of Researcher Andrija Mohorovičić

By 22 April 2022
Zagreb Gets Monument in Honour of Researcher Andrija Mohorovičić
Image: Pixabay

ZAGREB, 22 April (2022) - A monument to Andrija Mohorovičić, the great Croatian geophysicist, was unveiled in Zagreb's Grič Park on Friday to mark the 165th anniversary of his birth.

Mohorovičić, who was born in Volosko in 1857 and died in Zagreb in 1936, was a prominent researcher in the fields of meteorology and seismology.

Mohorovičić's most important discovery is the boundary between the Earth's crust and mantle - a boundary subsequently named the Mohorovičić discontinuity, which is usually referred to as the Moho discontinuity or the Moho. The crater Mohorovičić on the Moon's far side is also named in his honour.

The site for the monument has been chosen in Grič Park in upper-town Zagreb near the weather institute where the scientist had been employed.

After studying mathematics and physics in Prague, Mohorovičić worked as a high school teacher in Zagreb and Osijek and later at the Maritime School in Bakar, where he taught meteorology and in 1887 established a weather station.

Since 1892 he headed the meteorological observatory in Zagreb, which ran all weather stations in the then Croatian Banovina.

He earned his PhD degree in Zagreb in 1893 and became a member of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1898 while in 1910 he became an associate professor of geophysics and astronomy.

The monument to Mohorovičić was designed by sculptor Nikola Džaja.

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