Civil Protection Calls for Donation of IT Equipment for Ukraine

By 15 March 2022
Civil Protection Calls for Donation of IT Equipment for Ukraine

ZAGREB, 15 March 2022 - The Croatian Civil Protection Directorate has called on companies and citizens to donate IT equipment for Ukraine, its humanitarian drive starts on Wednesday and it will organise the delivery of the collected and listed IT equipment to Ukraine.

The equipment will be collected based on a request made by Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the Croatian Ministry of the Interior said on its website.

Companies and citizens have been asked to donate video equipment (IP cameras, video cameras), generators, communication equipment (modems, routers; IP phones, secure IP phones), personal computers, computer components (cables, headphones, computer mice); network equipment (wi-fi routers, switches, cables); mobile devices - phones, laptops; office equipment - printers, scanners, TV sets; software (Windows and Office servers); servers and server room air conditioners.

Special equipment may also be donated, such as radiofrequency measurement devices, headphones for radio devices, batteries, electromagnetic field meters, radio devices; external hard drives, USB drives; encrypted USB drives; cloud services - firewall, VPN, cloud storage services.

The IT equipment will be collected at the Civil Protection logistics facility, Kruge 52A in Zagreb, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 16-20 March.

The Civil Protection calls on everyone wishing to donate equipment to ensure the equipment is in working order, not older than 5 years and is delivered in packaging suitable for transport.

For more information donors can contact the phone number 01/237 06 73.