Explosion in Zagreb: The Hole, the Plane, the Parachutes...

By 11 March 2022
Explosion in Zagreb: The Hole, the Plane, the Parachutes...

March the 11th, 2022 - An explosion in Zagreb could be heard last night at 23:00, and a very strange situation has unfolded since then, with an impact hole, parts of a plane and parachutes discovered. All aviation services claim to not have ''lost'' any aircraft. Here's the situation as we currently understand it, with the latest information first.

As Jutarnji/Tomislav Kukek/Anamaria Hanzek writes, the Zagreb police have also now spoken out about the incident near Jarun:

''On March the 10th, 2022, just after 23:00, the Zagreb Police Administration received several reports from people that they felt a detonation in the wider area of ​​Jarun, which was preceded by the falling of something from the air.

Police patrols were urgently sent to the locations of the report and found a crater on the green area at the address Jarunska bb, while they found two parachutes in the wider area, for which we'd also previously received reports from people. Police officers dealt with both the narrower and wider area of ​​the scene where the investigation is being conducted, with the participation of all relevant services. So far, the police have had no reports of any injuries in the wider area of ​​the scene, though several parked vehicles were damaged.

Out in the field, police teams specialised in dealing with and reacting to this type of event are present, and at the moment there is no reason for people to be alarmed. We'd like to call on the media to responsibly report to the public and present verified information obtained from the relevant services, in order to prevent the spread of misinformation.

We're urging people not to share videos or photos from the scene on social media. If you find yourself in the area of ​​police action, please follow the instructions of the police officers. The police will continuously publish information that has been factually confirmed,'' the police said in a statement.

Here is a timeline of the events surrounding the bizarre explosion in Zagreb, from latest to first:

2.33 -The level of radiation was measured on the spot but no increase was found.

2.23 - Unofficially, it came out that a red star and a Russian cyrillic alphabet could allegedly be seen on parts of the plane. That information has not been confirmed by the police, but it was widely talked about during the investigation.

2.11 - The police cordoned off a vast area around Jarun, no one is allowed to approach it, and special police are on the scene.

1.47 - It was unofficially confirmed that the parts found around the dormitory definitely came from an aircraft, but it is still unknown what exactly happened.

1.35 - Firefighters slowly withdrew from the scene, being replaced by members of the military police.

1.25 - After two hours, the police expanded the area of investigation to the area surrounding the Stjepan Radic dorms. Firefighters removed a large parachute from a tree, and another parachute was also discovered nearby.

1.20 - Military and civil aviation agencies said that they had not ''lost'' any planes.

At around 23:00, a powerful explosion in Zagreb could be felt and heart near the student dormitory (studentski dom), which alarmed the residents of the surrounding buildings. The Emergency Situations Office immediately set off for the scene, and according to the first information from eyewitnesses and officials, it seemed that this is some kind of aircraft had fallen to the ground. Firefighters also received a report of a parachute found on a tree.

Police and firefighters were on the scene and immediately fenced off the area around a large hole made in the asphalt. The road leading to Jarun and the car park were full of debris and asphalt, and there were also damaged cars.

''We didn't see anything, but it was loud. Luckily, no one was passing by at the time. What a horror, I don't know how we're going to sleep tonight,'' said some students.

According to some, the explosion in Zagreb was heard as far away as Tresnjevka. They also claimed that something fell from the sky only 30 metres from one of the pavilions of the Stjepan Radic dorms.

A security guard who was working nearby during the incident said that he didn't see anything, but that the explosion was loud.

''It's still ringing in my ears,'' he said.

We'll bring you more information as we get it.

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