Croatia's Red Cross on Alert Due to Ukraine Situation

By 25 February 2022
Croatia's Red Cross on Alert Due to Ukraine Situation
Matthias Zomer/Pexels

ZAGREB, 25 Feb 2022 - Croatia's Red Cross (HCK) expresses deep concern due to the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and, as part of the International Red Cross movement and the Red Crescent, it has put its forces on alert in case it becomes necessary to accept refugees, HCK reported on Friday.

Based on current forecasts, a large wave of refugees can be expected from Ukraine in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania who will receive aid from national Red Cross associations in those countries. Those associations are part of the Neighbours Help First network, which is currently coordinated by HCK, a press release said.

If refugees will need to be accepted in Croatia, HCK will be ready to provide help. Currently, HCK is identifying possible reception capacities in Croatia.

HCK has activated its search services, which is already in cooperation with the International Red Cross in preparing activities for displaced persons and refugees, and it will assist in identifying persons and connecting families should refugees start arriving in Croatia. 

Having in mind that the population affected by the war conflict is already in need of humanitarian and other aid, HCK is preparing an appeal to help displaced persons and refugees and will promptly release further information in this regard.