Young People Warn They Have Ideas, But Face Obstacles

By 15 February 2022
Young People Warn They Have Ideas, But Face Obstacles
Soumil Kumar/Pexels

ZAGREB, 15 Feb 2022 - The European Year of Youth, which is being marked in 2022 under the title "Young people - the drivers of modern industries", is an opportunity to popularise modern technologies in Croatia, as well as the contribution of young people as drivers of development, it was said at a conference in Novska.

Video game production is currently the fastest growing industry in the world, and the conference, organised by the Central State Office for Demography and Youth, was held at the PISMO Business Incubator in Novska, Croatia's leading gaming industry institution.

Presenting their work, young innovators and gamers also spoke of the problems they are faced with when trying to realise their ideas, such as the lack of funds for the creation of prototypes of their inventions and then financing the production.

The conference also discussed secondary school programmes for video game technicians, which are being implemented at the Technical School Sisak and the Secondary School Novska. The four-year programme enables students to work as designers of graphic elements or as programmers, but they can also pursue higher education.

The State Secretary at the Central State Office for Demography and Youth, Željka Josić, said that Novska was the first to turn to new technology and new industry and thus attracted many young people, adding that Novska was a positive example of what young people can do.

The State Secretary at the Ministry of Science and Education, Tomislav Paljak, said that with the new experimental programme for video game technicians, the Ministry gave support to the modern industry.

Novska Mayor Marin Piletić said that the conference should additionally highlight the role of young people in the digital transformation of the Croatian economy. That way, Novska has started an interesting story for the development of the city, the county and Croatia, he said.