Gunja-Brčko Bridge to be Rebuilt, 2 New Roads between BiH and Croatia

By 25 January 2022
Gunja-Brčko Bridge to be Rebuilt, 2 New Roads between BiH and Croatia

ZAGREB, 25 Jan 2022 - Croatian Transport and Infrastructure Minister Oleg Butković said in Mostar on Tuesday that Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina would this year start rebuilding the Gunja-Brčko bridge across the Sava River and start work on a new one.

The Gunja-Brčko bridge was built at the time of the Habsburg Empire and due to its obsolete state, traffic across it has been restricted to cargo transport.

Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have agreed to maintain joint bridges together and this year they will start the renovation of that bridge over the River Sava.

"In 2022 (Croatian road operator) Hrvatske Ceste and Bosnia and Herzegovina will launch the reconstruction of that bridge, equally sharing the cost of reconstruction work in the amount of HRK 30 million," Butković said.

He added that the two countries had agreed to build a new bridge over the Sava, located slightly more to the south in relation to the existing bridge.

Croatia has already defined the connecting point and is now waiting for the Brčko District authorities to define project documentation, after which work will start.

Butković could not say how much the bridge would cost.

Work on the bridge at Gradiška, also on the River Sava, is continuing and it should be completed in 2023. An access road on the Croatian side of the bridge is yet to be built. The project is worth €19.5 million.

During his visit to Mostar, Butković announced also work on two roads in the south to better connect the two countries.

Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are interested in building two high-speed roads connecting Mostar with Split via Imotski and Zagvozd, and Zavala near Ravno in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Slano, in Dubrovnik-Neretva County.