Real Estate Prices Continue to Rise in Croatia

By 18 January 2022

January 18, 2022 - Real estate prices in Croatia in Q3 2021 were 9% up from the same period of 2020, the data from the national statistical office (DZS) shows.

The Q3 2021 rise in real estate prices continues on a year-on-year rise in real estate prices that has been going on since Q2 2017.

The largest increase in real estate prices was reported in Q2 2019, when real estate prices rose by 10.4% from Q2 2018.

According to DZS data for Q3 2021, prices of new flats went up 8.5% from Q3 2020, while prices of resale apartments rose by 9.2%.

Broken down by region, real estate prices in Zagreb grew the most, by 9.6% on average, while on the Adriatic coast they went up by 8.9% up, and in other regions by 8.2%.

Compared to Q2 2021, prices of real estate in Q3 2021 went up 1.7%, with prices of new flats going up by 1.3% on average and those of resale flats by 1.8%.

Compared to Q2 2021, prices of real estate In Q3 2021 were 1.3% up in Zagreb, 2.9% up on the Adriatic coast, and 0.4% up in other regions.