Zagreb's Dubrava Hospital to Cancel Non-Essential Procedures Wednesday

By 23 November 2021

ZAGREB, 22 November, 2021 - The head of Zagreb's Dubrava Hospital, Ivica Lukšić, said on Monday that on Wednesday, November 24, non-essential procedures would no longer be performed at the hospital due to the need to increase capacity for COVID-19 patients, and care would be provided only for emergency cases and cancer patients.

Speaking in an interview with Croatian Television, Lukšić said that in coordination with other Zagreb hospitals, the KB Dubrava was preparing and reorganising in order to provide treatment for those most in need, COVID-19 patients.

"We believe that the new regime will not last long and that we will manage to weather the current fourth wave of the epidemic and gradually return to the usual regime," he said, recalling that in addition to 33 beds for COVID-19 patients in need of intensive care, which constitutes three intensive care units, an additional, fourth unit with nine beds had been set up.

In a comment on divisions in society regarding the attitude to the pandemic, Lukšić said that they were sad and discouraging.

"We need solidarity to overcome this. All public figures must be aware of their responsibility for what they say and I deeply believe that a large number of our citizens are confused by information they hear daily in the media and on social networks, which causes additional insecurity and divisions."

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