Beroš: Surge in Coronavirus Cases due to Insufficient Vaccination Rate

By 20 October 2021

ZAGREB, 20 October, 2021 - Health Minister Vili Beroš said on Wednesday that the surge in new coronavirus cases was concerning, but not surprising given the insufficient vaccination rate.

"This is the conclusion of medical professionals at all levels, including the World Health Organisation. The low vaccination rate has a direct impact on the course of this epidemic," Beroš said on Twitter.

The course of the fourth wave of the epidemic is determined by citizens who still have doubts about science and the medical profession, Beroš said. "Their decision affects not just individuals but all of us. Let us follow the example of highly vaccinated countries and head towards a safe health future."

The national COVID-19 response team on Wednesday reported 3,162 new coronavirus cases and 23 related deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of new infections was more than 50 percent higher than last Wednesday, when 2,022 new cases were reported, while two weeks ago 1,925 cases were confirmed. The last time more than 3,000 cases were registered in a single day was April.

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