Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Knitters, Persons with Low Employability

By 8 October 2021
Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Knitters, Persons with Low Employability

ZAGREB, 8 Oct 2021 - The social enterprise Da-Mogu has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help persons with low employability, notably those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, find employment, specifically by knitting, "which empowers and lifts spirits."

Since the launching of this initiative, 19 knitters have joined to design caps and launch production.

The crowdfunding campaign is aimed at creating conditions for their financing by raising HRK 85,000 (€11,333), which would secure the first jobs over a period of one year.

The founder and director of the Da-Mogu social enterprise is Tatjana Aćimović, a professional project manager and theatre and film producer who wanted to help the persons most affected by the pandemic - the disabled, the elderly and young people looking for their first job - as well as launch the production of high-quality knitwear and promote needlework, notably in times of crisis.

"We want to secure jobs for persons with low employability, not only for the next 12 months, for which we are now raising money, but for a longer period of time. More precisely, we want to establish a sustainable system of operation and employment," members of the Da-Mogu team said.

The campaign to raise money for the employment of knitters is available at the website until the beginning of November, when the social enterprise will start selling Merino wool caps online.

In the first several days since its launching, the campaign has been supported by close to 70 donors.

For the time being the social enterprise brings together knitters from Zagreb and its environs, and there are plans to expand the business to other parts of Croatia as well.

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