Earthquake in Dalmatia: 4.6 Quake near Split, Croatia

By 6 October 2021
Earthquake in Dalmatia: 4.6 Quake near Split, Croatia

October 6, 2021 - A strong earthquake in Dalmatia north of Split shook residents of Split and the surrounding area around 22:00 this evening. Initial reports put the strength of the quake at 5.1, although this has now been revised to 4.6.

Initial reports placed the earthquake some 39 km from Split, the capital of Dalmatia, close to the town of Trilj, and 19 km south-west of the town of Livno.

Initial reports suggest the tremor lasted around 8 seconds. 

TCN colleagues in Split reported buildings rattling in Split, with the quake also felt on the islands of Brac and Hvar.


22:24 - The Croatian Seismology Service has reported that the quake was 4.6 in strength, and its location was on the border with Bosnia and Hercegovina near Lake Busko.

#potres (#earthquake) 06.10. u 21:57 na granici s BiH kod Buškog jezera, M4.6. Ako ste osjetili potres, molimo javite na
Link na službeno izvješće dat ćemo u komentaru kad nam stranica bude u funkciji.

22:40 - Index reports that there have been so far no reports of casualties or major damage. 

23:00 - The Trilj Fire Brigade, located in the town close to the epicentre, posted an update and a request: "Reduce calls to the emergency line, we understand that you are upset. You take the line if someone really needs help. Over 200 calls in a short time. So far we have no reports of any damage, except for a minor landslide on the Trilj-Bisko section. The road is busy."

This story will be updated as we get more information.  

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