Women’s Network Croatia Supports, Solidarity With Afghan Women

By 25 September 2021
Women’s Network Croatia Supports, Solidarity With Afghan Women

ZAGREB, 25 Sept, 2021 - The Women's Network Croatia has joined in a global campaign of support and solidarity with Afghan women as part of which several members of the SOS Rijeka and PaRiter NGOs said in Rijeka on Saturday they would not give up on protecting and respecting women's human rights in Afghanistan.

We want the problems faced by women in Afghanistan to be visible and to show solidarity with them, said Lorena Zec of SOS Rijeka.

"As women in Croatia, we feel quite helpless as to what we can do for women in Afghanistan, but we can constantly raise our voice and demand of those in power in Croatia, the European Union and the United Nations not to allow women in Afghanistan to become victims of the system again," she added.

Women in Afghanistan risk their lives every day by directly opposing the Taliban regime and demanding that their human rights be respected and protected, the Women's Network Croatia said.

They ask that "Croatia does not recognise the Taliban government which took power by force and is violating human rights."

They also ask Croatia, the EU and the UN to do everything to support the women's resistance in Afghanistan.

They call on "governments not to implement nor justify the policy of militarism, religious fundamentalism, fascism, and to stop manipulating with women's rights."

They demand that Croatia, the EU and the international community ensure the reception of refugees and all who wish to leave Afghanistan as well as humanitarian aid.

The campaign is being held in 85 countries, organised by the One Billion Rising campaign against violence against women and girls and the Women's Global Solidarity Network. The main message is "Not one of us is free until the women of Afghanistan are free."

As part of the campaign, the Women's Network Croatia said they would go to the main squares in Vukovar, Osijek, Virovitica, Lipik, Križevci, Zagreb, Korenica, Rijeka, Poreč and Zadar at noon today, carrying banners in support of Afghan women.

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