International Drava River Day Marked

By 24 September 2021
International Drava River Day Marked

ZAGREB, 24 Sept 2021- International Drava River Day was marked in Varaždin on Thursday after UNESCO last week declared the Mura-Drava-Danube Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, which spreads across five states.

Two-hundred bird species live along the Drava in Varaždin County and the most diverse fish in Croatia live in the river, it was said at a conference organised on the occasion of International Drava River Day, observed on 23 September.

The Mura-Drava-Danube Biosphere Reserve has officially become the largest protected river region in Europe and the conference was organised to additionally draw attention to the richness of the Drava and its value, organisers said.

"UNESCO's decision obliges us to long-term care for and protection of the Drava region. The Varaždin County Nature Public Institution is actively and continuously working on its protection and preservation," said county head Anđelko Stričak.

The Drava is 749 km long and connects Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

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