Božinović: COVID Cases Rising, But Situation Better than in Other Countries

By 12 August 2021

ZAGREB, 12 August,2021 - Interior Minister Davor Božinović said on Wednesday coronavirus cases in Croatia were rising but that the situation was better than in other countries.

Speaking to the press, he said that was to be expected given the large number of tourists and that it was key that people complied with COVID rules.

Božinović, who heads the national COVID-19 crisis management team, said everything should be done to encourage people to get vaccinated and that the only way out of this crisis was by relying on science.

He would not speculate whether the use of COVID certificates would be expanded, saying that would depend on how the COVID situation developed, but added that they were "already being used smartly."

Božinović would not comment on the Serbian leadership's claims that Croatia was reporting fewer coronavirus cases for the sake of tourism, calling them blanket assessments.

He said every local COVID crisis management team had designated premises for tourists who might be positive. "We are certainly one of the states transparently communicating with citizens and abroad."

That, he said, also applies to claims that tourists are returning home infected. This year there is more testing and those infected are accommodated on premises envisaged for that, he added.

There is an EU early warning mechanism which shows that about 100 people have returned home positive, Božinović said. "We don't know if someone becomes positive during the incubation period."

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