Croatian Platform Duart Presented in Cannes

By 9 July 2021
Croatian Platform Duart Presented in Cannes

ZAGREB, 9 July 2021- The Duart platform, developed by Croatian actress and casting director Sanja Drakulić to promote Croatian actors and film workers, will be presented at the Marché du Film fair which is taking place as part of the Cannes Film Festival until 15 July.

Over 80 Croatian film professionals have been recruited for international projects via this platform in the last five years, and the project is supported by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre said.

Drakulić recently participated as a casting director in two foreign projects, a Swedish series and a film for Netflix, and is currently working on another Netflix project. She said that such projects recruit top-class professionals who have graduated from academies in London, New York, Los Angeles, as well as in Zagreb, Osijek, Split and Rijeka.

Drakulić said that her mission was to create a pool of Croatian film professionals worthy of any international production. She said that the number of users of the Duart platform has been increasing over the years and has now reached 500.

Drakulić said that Cannes was an opportunity for Croatian film workers to connect more closely with foreign productions and further promote Croatia as a film-making destination.

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