Sales of Picture Book to Help Reconstruction of Quake-damaged Petrinja School

By 23 May 2021
Sales of Picture Book to Help Reconstruction of Quake-damaged Petrinja School

ZAGREB, 23 May, 2021 - Tomislav Škrljac's picture book "The Story of Petrinja", with illustrations by 14 artists, has been published by Školska Knjiga and all proceeds from sales will be paid into the account of a Petrinja elementary school badly damaged in last year's earthquake.

By publishing the book, Školska Knjiga took part in a humanitarian project launched a few days after the 29 December tremor by Škrljac, a writer, illustrator and designer born in Petrinja.

He wrote a story for children about the devastated city, conceiving it as a book with pictures by different illustrators, the publisher has said.

In the book, Škrljac describes the most important parts of Petrinja's history and highlights its sights and dedication to traditions. He contacted Školska Knjiga and pitched a unique picture book whose sales would help the reconstruction of an elementary school in Petrinja, thus launching a humanitarian project in which all participants waived their fees for the benefit of the city's children.

The book was illustrated by Branka Hollingsworth Nara, Maksim Šimić, Dubravko Mataković, Josip Sršen, Robert Solanović, Dario Kukić, Darko Macan, Ivana Guljašević Kuman, Frano Petruša, Stjepan Bartolić, Niko Barun, Filip Andronik, Goran Sudžuka and Škrljac.

It may be purchased at Školska Knjiga's website and book shops for HRK 50, with all proceeds going to the 1st Elementary School in Petrinja, which sustained the worst damage in the earthquake and is unfit for use. A new school will be built in its vicinity, financed by the Hungarian government.

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