Health Minister Vili Beroš confident He Has Prime Minister's Support

By 17 April 2021
Health Minister Vili Beroš confident He Has Prime Minister's Support
Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL

April 17, 2021- Health Minister Vili Beroš said on Saturday he was confident he had the prime minister's support, adding that everything he was doing was for the benefit of Croatia's health system.

"It's apparent that the reform of the health system depends on my ability and possibilities. When, since we live in a democracy, the people and the prime minister decide that I'm not doing a good job, they have the right to do as they please," Beroš told the press in Rijeka, where he visited the university hospital.

Until then, I will invest all my efforts and energy into reforming the Croatian health system.

Asked how realistic was his presenting the reform bills at next week's cabinet meeting, as proposed by the prime minister, Beroš said that the prime minister "figuratively let the whole public know that he is focused on the problems in healthcare and that he supports health reforms."

Beroš said it was not realistic for the necessary bills to be ready for next week's cabinet meeting, adding that they would be prepared after all the essential goals and steps had been defined.

He said a draft of the reform had been "on the table" for some time and that an interdepartmental working group would be established to review the reform. "That's primarily a reform of the health system, and I, as the minister responsible, am not running away from it, but other ministries must take part in the reform too, notably finance and the labor ministry."

Speaking of public procurement, Beroš said it should be combined for embedding material and medicines to cut costs substantially.

Asked if he had control over public procurement, Beroš said that neither the minister nor politics infringed on the work of services in charge of public procurement and finance, adding that the minister only set the strategic course of the system.

Beroš said he knew what he signed concerning public procurement, trusted his experts, and that everything in public procurement was appropriately done during his term.

Asked about an investigation by the USKOK anti-corruption office into, the online COVID-19 vaccination registration platform, Beroš said he was glad that "institutions are doing their job" and that he was confident that everything was procured "adequately."

"Only together can we respond to this global threat. From day one, I have been aware that I'm only a cog in the mechanism that must generate change in the health system. The steps I'm taking and plan to take with the support of the finance minister, the prime minister, and all other ministers include dealing with the problem of drug wholesalers and the financial stabilization and reform of the health system. This is a vital need. It is above party membership or fabricated scandals," he said.

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