President Milanović and Parliament Speaker Jandroković Issue Easter Messages

By 3 April 2021
President Milanović and Parliament Speaker Jandroković Issue Easter Messages

April 3, 2021- President Zoran Milanović on Saturday extended his best wishes to all Christian believers who celebrate Easter according to the Gregorian calendar.

He said that this year, the faithful worldwide are celebrating this greatest Christian holiday while facing challenges put before them by the coronavirus pandemic and related threats to their health and their social security, and peace.

"In these difficult and challenging times, the Easter holiday should remind us of the most important religious and universal secular principles such as goodness, unity, and love for our neighbors, and should strengthen in all Christian believers the faith and hope of a victory of light and a new beginning," the President said in his message posted on Facebook.

"Let us recognize and accept the principles of goodness, unity, and love as a universal way of life and a path to a better tomorrow. May this greatest Christian holiday encourages us to foster the values of mutual solidarity, in particular with our compatriots who need assistance in this challenging time," Milanović said.  

Jandroković calls for solidarity and unity.

In his message, Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković also called for solidarity and unity in the present challenging circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic and last year's earthquakes.

"Our thoughts are in particular with our compatriots in need and with all the people suffering illness, loneliness, suffering, injustice and sometimes a feeling of hopelessness," he wrote and added: "Easter is a time of hope because life conquers death and light conquers darkness, giving us the strength to overcome all of life's difficulties. May the atmosphere of Easter bring joy and peace to everyone in need and call us to stop and question ourselves and our attitude towards others."  

"By celebrating Easter, we celebrate universal, timeless, and fundamental human values that rest on love and encourage our faith and hope of a better tomorrow. We also pray for our Croatian homeland, recovery and stability, and a better and happier life for our citizens. In the spirit of Easter, let us again express our gratitude to both known and unknown heroes who are taking care of others' health and lives and to our fellow citizens who are generously exposing themselves to help their neighbors. Let us follow this example of accepting the message of Easter and fostering solidarity and unity among people. Each of us can set an example and make our society better," Jandroković said in his message.

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