Everyone Whose Home Was Damaged in Quake Will Get Lunch, Says Medved

By 27 February 2021
Everyone Whose Home Was Damaged in Quake Will Get Lunch, Says Medved
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ZAGREB, 27 February, 2021 - The head of the task force dealing with the aftermath of the 29 December earthquake said on Saturday there would be lunch for everyone as long as necessary, refuting reports that only those whose homes were labelled as unfit for use in Petrinja would receive lunch as of 1 March.

"What the needs are is in the remit of municipalities and towns, which deliver this information to the task force," Deputy Prime Minister Tomo Medved told Croatian Radio.

According to some newspapers today, a notice saying that no one whose home was not given the red label in Petrinja would get lunch as of 1 March stood on the tent in town where lunch is distributed for several days but then disappeared.

Medved refuted those reports. "From day one, Croatia has been supporting its citizens and will do so as long as necessary," he said, adding that the task force would ensure as much food as municipalities and towns requested.

As for the drop in meal requests, he said it was due to the nicer weather, adding that Glina requested 2,200 meals on 20 February and 1,700 today. "Canceling or reducing the number of the necessary meals is out of the question."

Medved went on to say that since the earthquake 1,520 housing containers or mobile homes had been set up near damages homes, with 1,867 connected to electricity, and that 50 new transformer stations had been built.

More then ten container settlements have been set up, the biggest one in Petrinja with 83 housing and six technical containers, he said. The preparation of such a settlement in Glina is under way, with 46 containers ready, he added.

Medved said 11,510 buildings were so damaged in the magnitude 6.2 tremor that they were unfit for use. He added that 1,696 applications had been filed for reconstruction.