Three New Earthquakes in Croatia Wednesday Morning, One of 4.8 Magnitude

By 30 December 2020

December 30, 2020 - Three new earthquakes in Croatia on Wednesday morning. The latest. reports that at 6:16 AM, a new earthquake shook Croatia. According to the Seismological Service, the first quake was 4.7 on the Richter scale, and the latter 4.8. Another one was also felt, which had a magnitude of 3.9.

“Subsequent earthquakes, 30.12.2020 at 6:15 (M 4.7), 6:26 (M 4.8) and 6:29 (M3.9),” the Seismological Service posted on Twitter.

The head of the Seismological Service told Croatian Radio that the epicenter was near Petrinja.

The earthquake at 6.15 was 4.7 magnitude, and. the later 4.8 with the epicenter in the Petrinja area, said Ines Ivančić, head of the Seismological Service for Croatian Radio.

She confirmed that the ground would continue to shake. "It will, it will shake for a long time, the earthquake on Tuesday was devastating and it will be followed with great certainty by a large series of earthquakes, among which, for sure, there will be stronger ones," she said.

She confirmed that weaker earthquakes, such as this morning, will have an impact on the facilities in Petrinja and Sisak that were damaged in the earthquake on Tuesday. 

She stated that Petrinja has been hit by a "huge amount" of small earthquakes since Monday. It shakes almost every minute, said Ivančić, stating that there were at least 25 to 30 earthquakes stronger than 3.

The first EMSC estimates were somewhat different. According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center, the earthquake at 6:15 was 4.90 Richter.

Seven people died in Tuesday's earthquake

After yesterday's 6.2 Richter earthquake in Petrinja, several weaker earthquakes were felt. Yesterday's 6.2 magnitude earthquake killed seven people. The material damage is huge, there is almost no building in Petrinja that has not been damaged.

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