Croatia Announces New Border Rules, Expands PCR Test Requirements

By 30 November 2020
Croatia Announces New Border Rules, Expands PCR Test Requirements

November 30, 2020 - Croatia announces new border rules for travelers coming into the country. 

THIS IS A DEVELOPING STORY THAT IS BEING UPDATED AS WE RECEIVE CONFIRMATION reports that at today's government session, Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic announced new measures at the borders.

"A new decision has been made on border crossings, and it is tied to European regions. Passengers coming from EU green areas do not need a PCR test or any other condition to enter Croatia. All others need a negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours or they can be tested on arrival in Croatia and await their test result in self-isolation. 

But at the moment, the only green region in the EU is the island of Fasta in Finland," Bozinovic said.

The new rule also applies to Croatian citizens. 

The new set of rules combines two criteria for entering Croatia: the citizenship of the traveler, and where they've been prior to arriving in Croatia. So, anyone coming from the ECDC-defined "Green Area", no matter what their passport is, are allowed to enter freely. However, those arriving at the Croatian borders from elsewhere in the EU will need to present the negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours (or self-isolate in Croatia until they get tested). EU citizens + Schengen + visa/residence permit holders in the EU countries are allowed to enter Croatia from any third country if they have a negative PCR test (or self-isolate in Croatia until they get tested here). Travelers arriving from the countries on the EU safe list are allowed to enter Croatia freely without a test if they can prove they haven't spent any time in other countries, rather just transited through them. 

Third-country nationals arriving from elsewhere, not the EU, can enter Croatia if they present a negative PCR test (or self-isolate in Croatia until they get tested here) AND are coming to Croatia as sailors, or for personal/family reasons or business. 

Entry without a negative PCR test for EU citizens is allowed, for example, for seafarers and workers in the transport sector, transport providers, diplomats, staff of international organizations, persons traveling for urgent reasons, passengers in transit with the obligation to leave the country within 12 hours and patients traveling for necessary health reasons. 

Border health workers, pupils, students, and interns who travel every day do not have to have a negative PCR test, provided that they do not stay inside or outside Croatia for more than 12 hours.

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