HGK to Cull Staff by 30%

By 17 July 2020
HGK to Cull Staff by 30%

ZAGREB, July 17, 2020 - The Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) said on Friday it was continuing its business reorganisation which includes downsizing staff by 30 percent.

"Due to the digitisation of internal processes and the fall in revenue caused by the coronavirus pandemic means, HGK is embarking on the next stage of reorganisation which means reducing the number of employees by 30 percent," HGK said in a press release.

HGK recalled that since Luka Burilovic took the HGK's helm the focus has been on reorganising business and improving efficiency to cater to the members' needs.

"Digital transformation, which we started two years ago, started not only with the Digital Chamber as a final product but also with the digitisation of internal processes which imply reducing the number of employees. Notably, digital transformation was one of the preconditions to rationalise and reorganise the Chamber which we planned to implement gradually, however no one could have foreseen the corona crisis," Burilovic said.

He underscored that like everyone else they had to adjust overnight to the new reality which is being felt the most by Croatian enterprises and consequently by all of Croatian society.

"As a result we have decided to embark on the next phase of reorganising the HGK which, unfortunately means reducing the number of employees by 30 percent. It's never easy to decide to lay anyone off but that is inevitable," said Burilovic.

HGKL currently has slightly over 500 employees. 

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