Croatia Makes The World's Largest Bottle of Perfume. And You Could Own It.

By 11 July 2020
Dejan Levačić with the world's largest bottle of perfume
Dejan Levačić with the world's largest bottle of perfume © Dejan Levačić

July 11, 2020 - The world's largest bottle of perfume, made in Čakovec, Međimurje county, Croatia and certified by the Guinness Book of World Records

A thousand pretty islands, surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise seas. Champion athletes in a surprisingly wide range of sports. The birthplace of the innovative Nikola Tesla and Faust Vrančić, the first self-propelled torpedo, forensic fingerprinting, the tungsten electric light bulb, the retractable pencil, the cravat or tie and Andrija Štampar's guidance on public health which informs how today's World Health Organisation works. There are many examples why the eyes of the world are never far from Croatia. And now there's another reason Croatia is once again the scent-er of attention.

Dejan Levačić, a perfume maker from Čakovec, last year made the world's largest bottle of perfume. Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, standing at 1.91 metres in length, 0.82 metres across, 0.46 metres wide and holding 616.18 litres of perfume, the bottle shows a fragrant disregard for the norms of perfumery. As such, it's a little too big to have around the Levačić family home and Dejan is prepared to let it go if he can find the right home.


The world's largest bottle of perfume stands at 1.91 metres in length, 0.82 metres across and 0.46 metres wide and holds 616.18 litres of perfume

Taught how to make perfumes by his mother, who worked for famous pharmaceutical company Pliva, Dejan has been experimenting with different fragrances all his life. In essence, he was a hobbyist until six years ago, when he turned the pastime into a full-time pursuit. He now makes different natural perfumes from plants, herbs and aromatics that grow in Croatia for his own Levy brand. The world's largest bottle of perfume contains Levy Gold, inspired by the gold panning which used to take place in Dejan's home region of Međimurje.

The stainless steel bottle was made by local engineers in Čakovec and is an exact replica of the standard-sized bottle in which Levy Gold is available. Considering its size, Dejan imagines that it will take a buyer with considerable space to take it off his hands, such as a hotel. Placed on public display, the eye-catching bottle is definitely capable of producing a reaction such as “Eau my goodness!”