23 New COVID-19 Cases in Osijek Area Alone, 10 Nuns Infected at Djakovo Convent

By 23 June 2020
23 New COVID-19 Cases in Osijek Area Alone, 10 Nuns Infected at Djakovo Convent

June 23, 2020 - A press conference was held at noon in Osijek, where the Headquarters revealed the new details about the coronavirus outbreak at a Djakovo monastery. reports that the Osijek-Baranja County Headquarters has been reporting new cases for several days now, and today it became known that as many as 10 nuns were infected at a Dakovo monastery.

There are 23 new patients, and 12 new cases since last night, with potentially two hotspots.

"Six patients have been hospitalized. They are not life-threatening. We are ready and available," the doctor said.

"So far, we have registered a total of 156 positive patients since the beginning of the epidemic. You don't have to worry, everything that happened is under the strict supervision of the Public Health Institute. All contacts are under our measures. It is important that we adhere to all measures," said the Osijek epidemiologist Kozul.

"We have a certain breakthrough, but it is crucial that we have people who will do everything; there is no panic, and we detected everything in time. We closed our institutions for the elderly, KBC and hospital in Našice. The situation is epidemiologically much better than a few months ago. The old and infirm must be cared for more thoroughly than the younger population. But the message is that there is no panic and that the matter is under control. There is no reason for large restrictive measures, but it is very important that we must act responsibly. Keep a social distance, and those who have crossed the border need to report it and go into self-isolation. Certain infected people were across the border in BiH, Kosovo and Serbia," Anusic revealed. 

"We assume that the source of the infection is the nuns from Kosovo. The sisters returned from Kosovo 2-3 days ago," Kozul said, adding that it was good that everything was controlled in one facility. "All the nuns will be processed. Today we are waiting for new results. We will also process their contacts," he announced.


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